Cinema 4D sketch and toon style inspired by genga of Japanese anime

In this little tutorial, I will show you how to create outlines of specular and shadow and create diagonal lines with C4D sketch and toon effect.

Before you start to read the tutorial I highly recommend you to watch some sketch and toon tutorials from Eyedesyn. There are some great tutorials about cel shader, sketch and toon, and some 2D cartoon style.

Outlines of specular and shadow

Step 1.
Create two white materials with cel shader in alpha channel for specular and shadow.
*In alpha channel, white means solid and black means transparent.

Step 2.
Apply them on the model and make some simple lighting.
*Adjusting the diffuse gradient to control the color diffuse of objects.
*Using include mode to specify lights for each material.

Step 3.
Remove other materials temporarily and render them out separately. So we’ll get a specular mask and a shadow mask.

Step 4.
Create a new material and combine two masks in alpha channel with a layer shader.
*Change the blend mode of the first texture from normal to add.

Step 5.
Apply the new material to the model.
*Change the material projection mode to frontal.

Step 6.
Check “material” option in lines types setting of sketch style tag. With “material” option checked, the edge of a material assigned to a polygon selection or with an alpha channel will be rendered.
*I tried to use the materials we got in step.2 first, but it didn’t work. So I rendered them out as a texture instead.

Step 7.
Press render. Now we have our specular and shadow outlined!
*Then we can change the colors of specular and shadow to add some touches.

Diagonal lines

Step 1.
Check “contour” option in sketch style tag.

Step 2.
Tweak “rotate” parameter to change the angle and “steps” to adjust the number of lines.

Step 3.
Before rendering, add “post effects” to multi-pass. Then the lines will be rendered in a separated pass.

Step 4.
Composite all our pictures in After Effects and DONE!

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