Death Takes All

Revised Imitation of the Bloody Chambers Stories

On a clear summer afternoon, ten year old Beth and her friends went on a hiking trip with their theatre director, Ms. Mags. Climbing up the steep dirt path, seeing the forest trees tower over them; Beth piped up, “Are we there yet.” Beth was a very talented, but impatient girl. The cool summer breeze blew her blond hair, creating little strands of hair get into her heart shaped face. Sarah, Liz, and Maggie all moaned as well. “We are so tired, Ms. Mags!” they all said in unison. “We are almost to the camping grounds. Just a little more, girls,” Ms. Mags said, kindly.

The sun was just beginning to set. The sky filled with a yellow, orange and red mural. The girls and Ms. Mags continued to hike the steep path until they came to a flat spot in the middle of the forest. “Okay we are here,” Ms. Mags exclaimed. All the girls dropped their backpacks. “Finally,” Beth stated. “We need to set up our tents and then go look for firewood,” Ms. Mags said. While Ms. Mags, Maggie and Liz fixed the tents, Sarah and Beth went to look for wood.

After a while, everything was set up and the moon was just beginning to rise. Ms. Mags started a fire, and all of the girls sat around the red-orange blaze.

“Does anyone know any stories,” Maggie asked, with a big smile showing her small dimples forming in her cheeks. “I know the best camp story ever,” Beth said, all excited. Everyone quiets down, with the light of the fire showing the anticipation in everyone’s glowing face.

“These woods are supposedly the place where a prince and princess killed themselves because of being heartbroken,” Beth stated.

“That is awful,” Liz gasps, putting her small delicate hands onto her small heart-shaped face; now white as a sheet.

“The story begins when the princess was small…” Beth began


‘There was a white castle. It was very big and tall with a large brown door, keeping out the bad people. There was a large crowd gathering up for some party. Everyone rushed into the main room where beautiful murals were painted on the ceiling and two soft and yellow chairs were in the front. The king and queen were standing off to the side in front of a pink and white crib. Inside, there was a baby girl.

There was a birthday celebration for the newly born princess in the ballroom. Everyone wanted to meet her; they were filled with joy for this new member of their kingdom. The king and queen looked at their tiny little girl in awe. The eyes of the sweet princess opened her big emerald eyes, and looked at her parents. She started to smile her toothless smile making the king and queen laugh with joyfulness.

Then, everyone fell silent. The lights to the ballroom went out and a gust of wind blew rapidly. Then the wind stopped, and three great big balls of light; blue, green and pink came down from the ceiling. When the balls of light came towards the floor, they all appeared into fairies; the bad fairies. They were upset that they weren’t invited to the party. They each gave the princess a curse.

The pink fairy gave the curse of ugliness. The green one gave the curse of mute and the blue fairy was the one who gave the curse of never meeting her prince because she will die. Everyone was shocked and mumbling to themselves. The three fairies all just cackled and disappeared in a flash of pink, green and blue smoke.

The king and queen became worried for their daughter. They want her to grow up happy and joyful. Once the party ended, the king ordered for everything to be closed and everyone out of the castle. The only people allowed in, were those that was close to the king and queen.

That night, while the king and queen were asleep, a puff of green smoke came in. A black raven appeared and sat on the edge of the crib; watching the baby. A green woman wearing a long black dress and black horns resting on top of her head appeared as well; also watching the babe. “My dear, sweet child. I heard the three fairies’ curses. I want to help you,” the women whispered, putting a hand on the baby’s cheek. The queen, stirring in her sleep, opened her eyes just a little only to jump out of bed at once. She saw the lady with horns and knew exactly who she was. “Oh! Magda! You do exist!” “I do. I have come to help the child and your family. She will not die, I reassure you. She will only be in a deep sleep, but in order for her to wake up someone or something must die. That is what the three fairies want to see; death,” Magda answered, waving her hand over the crib as if she was doing a magic spell. “But Magda. What should we do to protect her so she doesn’t die,” the queen stated.

After making a plan for Magda taking the child for protection, the king and queen watched their sunshine leave the castle grounds. Magda took the princess, whom she named her Rose, some place where no fairy in the world will find them. Magda’s home was in a castle well-hidden deep in the woods, far from the king’s. It was in a dark place where no vegetation could get sunlight or rain. For now, it was the safest place for Rose.


As years passed, Rose grew up with Magda teaching her from right and wrong. Rose grew up only knowing the world inside the castle, not stepping foot outdoors. Being alone, Rose wished for some freedom. Her only friend that she made, was a possum named Posse. She found him in the basement of the castle, trapped in a cage that some guards put up.

Though she loved Posse, she wanted to go exploring. Every time that Rose would motion to Magda that she wanted to go outside, she would say the same thing to the young princess. “It’s too dangerous, Rose.”

By Rose’s 16th birthday, she snuck out. Rose got to the gate that surrounded the home that she never left, and climbed up the stone wall. One last time, Rose looked back and then climbed down on the other side.

She looked around. There was a trail making its way through a deep green forest. Rose saw a few rabbits hopping back into their burrows and a squirrel stashing nuts in its little chunky cheeks. Rose saw green grass with blue flowers nesting in the dirt. She walked over to a little tree, and saw a birds’ nest and felt like this was the most magical moment ever.

She, then, started dancing and twirling. She didn’t care what she looked like. All she cared about was that she was free to do whatever she wanted. She then found a field of yellow flowers in the distances, not going towards the forest and wanted to go pick some to make flower jewelry. Rose skipped over to the field noticing a trail leading up to a big white castle far out into the distance. Rose’s eyes widen in awe. A gentle breeze blew through Rose’s matty blond hair. She felt like it was trying to tell her something. Rose shrugged her shoulders and started picking the yellow flowers.

A few miles back, a young prince named Philip was walking through the forest; smelling the nice woodsy air. He had brown hair, and wore a black vest with a grey shirt underneath. He had a sword hanging on his belt loop that shined in the bright sunlight creeping through the trees. He wanted to take his horse, but he thought otherwise. “A nice walk in the woods would be good enough,” he had said. As soon as he got out of the forest and onto the tail leading up to the castle, he noticed something in the field of flowers. Walking a little closer, not so close to startle the creature, Philip notices it was a girl. “She is so beautiful,” he whispers. He hid behind a bush that was close by and just stared after this mysterious girl. Soon after a while, He became very sleepy. Soon enough, Phillip dozed off behind a bush; not far from the girl.

In the field up ahead, Rose played in the grass with the yellow crown she made with flowers. Dancing and twirling around, she sensed someone watching her. She stopped all of sudden and dropped low to the ground so she won’t be spotted.

“Looking for something, my dear?” Rose stopped, and looked up. Standing there, in front of her was an older woman. Rose shook her head rapidly; crawling slowly away from the woman. “It’s okay, my dear. You don’t have to be afraid. Just think of me as an old friend,” the old women said. Rose didn’t know what to say. She got up and wanted to run away, but she was too afraid to. Rose pointed in the way of her home and started to walk away. “Oh. Don’t leave, my precious. You must be hungry,” the old woman coaxed, taking a nice red apple from a basket she was carrying. “You don’t want to explore while hungry.” Rose looked at the old woman and then the beautiful treat.

Rose was hungry. The last time she ate, was earlier that morning when she snuck some blueberries and banana muffins for her and Posse. It was already sunset and time for dinner. Rose didn’t want to walk all the way back to Magda’s castle, so she took the apple, smiled at the woman and took a bite. It took a while before the juice of the apple started making Rose uneasy. As soon as she swallowed the first bite, Rose fell to the ground. Her eyes were just beginning to close when she saw the woman turning into the three fairies. All of them were cackling and saying, “The princess is dead. Then, Rose closed her eyes and stopped breathing.’

‘Magda went looking for Rose after realizing she wasn’t in the castle. She became worried that something happened to her. Magda left the castle grounds and saw the woods. “Oh no! Rose could have gone in there,” Magda whispered. She walked to the edge of the forest entrance only to be stopped by an unknowingly horrible sight. She turned away from the woods. “That is the white castle where the king and queen live. Maybe Rose saw it and wanted to go there,” Magda said, worriedly.

Magda raced past the forest to the edge of the trail where she spots the field of yellow flowers. Then, she hears a noise that sounds like snoring. She looks by a bush and finds Prince Phillip asleep.

“Hey! Wake up! Magda yelled. “Uhmmm — Uh!” Phillip gasped, waking up suddenly. “Calm down, your highness. The princess is missing. I am afraid that something happened to her,” Magda stated. “Like with the fairies?” he questioned. “Yes,” she replied. They both looked around the field. No one was in sight. Phillip remembered something. “I did see a girl playing in the grass over in the field,” Phillip said, pointing.

Both Magda and Phillip went over to a larger part of the field and started looking. After a while, Magda notices something a deep yellow nearby. They walked towards it and noticed it was hair! Rose’s hair! “Rose!” Magda cried and rushed over to her side. Phillip rushed over on the other side of Rose. “What happened to her?” he asked. The only word that Magda said was, “The fairies.” They both knelt beside Rose wondering what they should do.

Magda remember that someone or something has to die for her to wake up. “Death,” Magda whispers. “What?” Phillip asks. “I know that this will be hard, but something has to die for Rose to wake up,” Magda answers sadly. Phillip looks at Rose with fear in his brown eyes, wondering what he should do. “I know. You see that horse over there.” Magda looks over by the entrance of the woods to see a horse eating the yellow flowers. “He is my horse. I love him dearly. I will kill him for Rose,” Phillip says at last. He gets up and walks over to the horse, draws his sword out and says one last word to his horse. “Sorry, buddy.” Phillip stabs the horse on the side of its neck, and fell to the ground. The horse let out a last cry for help, but then died in the field of yellow flowers.

Magda kept looking at Rose, while Phillip made his way back to her. A soft breeze begins to blow and Rose starts to stir. Beginning to wake up, Magda and Phillip sees more gold appearing in Rose’s hair, the tight curls becomes curler. Her face became softer with a brighter shade of pinkness to her cheeks. Rose, then opens her eyes which was a brighter emerald green. They landed on Phillip’s. Rose and Phillip both smiled at each other for the first time. “You are so beautiful,” Phillip whispered, touching Rose’s cheek. Rose wanted to say ‘thank you,’ but nothing came out. Rose’s eyes widened with fear, looking from Phillip to Magda. “What happened to her voice? Phillip questioned. “The curse is supposed to be broken.” Magda thought through this. “Everything comes with a price. You woke her from death, but something else has to take its place,” Magda finally answered. “Could you do something, I killed my horse for her. How can this be?” Phillip asked, annoyed. Magda became confused. “I thought you loved her. It shouldn’t matter whether she can talk or not. Phillip looked down at Rose. “I could never love a mute.” With that Phillip got up, leaving Rose staring after him, deadly red tears falling down her face.

Rose started after Phillip, tears falling down in pools. “Come dear, lets go,” Magda said, sadly, walking towards the woods to her castle. Rose stars back, now glaring with eyes of rage.

Three years later…

Phillip was riding in the woods upon his father’s horse. “Beautiful day, for a ride,” he whispers. When he comes to a large tree, with apples hanging from it, Phillip got off and sat underneath in the shade. While he slept underneath that tree, he didn’t notice someone watching him.

Peeking behind a rose bush, was Rose; the princess that Phillip woke. Heartbroken and full of rage, Rose comes out of hiding. While walking towards Phillip, she sees his sword lying on the ground next to him. She picked up the sword carefully so as to not wake him up. Rose crept up more slowly so she can get right in front of Phillip. The sound of snoring irritated her. She wanted him to suffer like how she suffered all her life. She didn’t realize that he had his sword, so before she came, Rose made some rope. As she tied him to the tree over and over again, knotting it three times so he can’t get loose, she took his sword, opened his mouth with a branch, and cut off his tongue! “Uhhhh…hhh!” Phillip woke up screaming, trying to mouth out words, but Rose, sitting on top of his legs just looks at him curiously. She smiles and plunges the sword in his heart. Rose stares at him, seeing the last light of Phillip through his eyes. Then, Rose got up, looks back at Phillip. She then got some more rope, tied one side around her neck, and as she climbed the tree and onto a branch, ties the other side to the branch; three times.

Looking down at Phillip, she saw him trying to gasp for his last breath still struggling, Rose fell off the branch; choking herself. As she hung there lifelessly, Phillip stared at her gasping, until everything become incredibly white.


“That story is so not true,” Sarah said, trying to make sense of the creepy story. “Sarah, don’t say that. The ghosts of Phillip and Rose will come out of the woods,” Beth warns to her oldest friend. “I think I have heard of this story before,” Liz starts. “Apparently, the prince and princess still haunt the woods in search for anyone happy.” “Can we talk about something else, please,” Maggie whispers, rocking back and forth. “It’s okay, Maggie. It’s just a story,” Sarah says, comforting her. Liz then looks around the camp.

“Where’s Beth?”

“Very funny, Liz. Beth is right here….. wait,” Sarah says, now worriedly.

“Beth, you know not to wonder out by yourself,” Ms. Mags yelled out, sternly.

Now, behind Liz, there was some rustling in the bushes. “Beth…” The wind started to howl, and everyone started to worry. Everything was quiet, even the fire started giving up. “What are we….we going to do…do?” Maggie quietly whispered. The noise was now coming behind Maggie and Sarah, but they were too scared to look. There were the sound of leaves and dirt crunching together. It kept on coming closer and closer until it was right on top of them.

“BOO!” Beth came out and grabbed Sarah and Maggie. They let out a blood curdling screaming. Beth came back around sitting down by the low fire, laughing. “That was not funny!” Maggie said, on the verge of crying. “It was pretty funny.” With that, everyone started laughing at Beth’s prank.

Maggie stops laughing. “Do you hear that?” Everyone else stops too and listens. The noise was coming from the woods. It sounded like crying and screaming. “Everyone just calm down and don’t move,” Ms. Mags comforts. With everyone silently listening, they could all hear the crying coming closer and closer. They could hear the sound of leaves crunch together with the dirt. The sound kept coming closer and closer and closer. All of the girls stared at the woods until something creeps out making them all fall into a deep, deep sleep.

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