How to? I mean, you just do it right? Well…there are better ways and worse ways to do it.

Don’t just send a mail

A common misconception I’ve seen is that people simply send that email that reads “To Whom it May Concern”, and leave it at that. What people don’t realise, is that that mail should be the last thing you do on the day — it’s purely an HR formality to have on file.

How should I resign then?

The real resignation should be done face-to-face or even via Slack or Whatsapp to your manager/team lead/boss. Just talk to them. It really breaks my heart to simply get…

Well, no, not really. That’s a joke, see? Because nobody has all the answers to everything? Yes? No?

And that’s one of the reasons I need to put my video on when I’m meeting with or talking to someone new. I have a very dry sense of humour. Without being able to read my body language, new people often don’t quite understand what I’m on about. Which has the potential to get very awkward very quickly. Mostly for me.

Honestly, it’s all subjective. Nobody has all the answers, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Unless it’s Willy Wonka…

Woman speaking into a megaphone, a speech bubble with a heart comes out.
Woman speaking into a megaphone, a speech bubble with a heart comes out.
Illustration by Icons 8

Happy Women’s day! A while ago I was asked to share my experiences as a woman in tech. After reflecting on it, I realised that in my +- 10 years of working in various design industries, the majority of my frustrations have not stemmed from being a woman, or even being treated like a woman, but from being treated like a girl. Someone juvenile, incompetent, to be dismissed and shushed while the grown-ups talk. Never mind that I have a master’s degree in design, am busy with a PhD, and have nearly a decade of experience.

It has gotten better…

Part one: The Case Study

Designers design things. Right? It’s in the name: “design”er. And even better, we’re UX designers. Experience designers. We craft experiences. So why on earth would you not design and craft the experience of your CV and portfolio?! They’re the first things potential employers or clients see of you. And if that’s an uninspiring or confusing experience, why would they trust you to craft experiences for them or their clients?

Illustration by Icons 8

What we’ll be covering

Part one — The Case Study
Part two — FAQs about UX portfolios

Why do I need a portfolio?

Portfolios can serve different purposes. Firstly, to get you a job, and secondly, It could be used to…

Part two: FAQs about UX portfolios

In part one of this series we looked at a case study of my portfolio; in part two I’d like to answer some questions that I’ve frequently been asked before.

Illustration by Icons 8

But Liz, you have lots of things to show in your portfolio! I’m just starting out!

It’s okay! Your portfolio doesn’t have to showcase paid-for client work: it can be concept work or self-initiated projects. Especially if you’re junior and just starting out. That being said, I have met people that want you to clearly distinguish whether a project is self-initiated or for a client. The difference being that concept…

[Updated for 2021]

Do you want to learn how to UX, but have no idea where to begin? I get it: the world of user experience design can be pretty daunting when you’re just starting out!

The good news is: most employers don’t require a formal degree in order to be a UX (or UI) designer, but you do need to at least know the basics of UX and UI design in order to be considered, along with a great portfolio (which I wrote about here). …

How many times have you seen or heard the term “UX/UI” (i.e. UXslashUI) designer? Pretty much always, I bet. The terms are rarely used separately, and sadly, very often used interchangeably by people who aren’t quite sure what either means. It’s mostly our – the designers’ — fault: we don’t do enough to educate people in this regard.

Hell, when people ask me what I do I tell them I design websites and apps: how they look and function. Because I’ve been told I’m “being pretentious” for saying I’m a user experience designer who looks at how people want to…

The term “chatbot” has become quite a buzzword. Many companies are starting to look to this medium as a way to offer additional services to their customers. Others even offer full product suites through chatbot services. Chatbots offer unique opportunities, but also unique challenges in terms of their UX. We’ve been involved in the creation of a chatbot solution for the launch of Liberty’s new short-term insurance offering, which was released in February as an MVP. …

Lizette Spangenberg

Practice Lead for UX & UI Design @DVTsoftware | PhD candidate | Violinist | Lover of Typography | Tea drinker

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