Lessons from a seasoned successful entrepreneur

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing seasoned entrepreneur. A man with a relaxed persona who took opportunities that came his way. He reminded me of the Richard Branson quote ‘say yes and worry about how you are going to do it later’.

Mindset is so important with what we do and the decisions we make. I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki and something in there changed my mindset don’t say “I can’t afford to’ ask yourself “How can I afford it?’ I now have this image of a wide-open space rather than something with a closed lid. From that one change in mindset I am now looking at the options for work rather than a job and the thought of building a successful business as the main breadwinner seems possible and financially viable.

The conversation I had was filled with enthusiasm and passion for what he did. And the two things that he suggested you should apply: having fun and keep learning.

His lack of academic credentials at school (something we still seem to put so much weight on) has not stopped his amazing ability to learn. Learning has been at the heart in improving his own businesses and has also allowed innovative practices to be developed. In his area of business he learnt that the majority of companies failed on reliability, trust and managing customer (and supplier) expectations.

Everyone wants to be in an environment which they enjoy. His means of creating this engaging ecosystem is through having fun. Amongst other things this has had the result of building long term relationships with suppliers and customers.

Reliability, trust and managing expectations: What are your core successful components to what you do?