What is the relationship between caring and frustration?

Are you ever frustrated?

Do you care about what you do?

When you are frustrated what do you have?

What is frustration?

What is care?

I invite you to take a pause…..

Did you flip through these questions in the hope that this blog will add value to you or did you actually answer the questions?

I’m in the people business and the majority if not all those I work with have some degree of frustration with what they do and or the people they work with — whether it be how people operate, what processes have to be followed and or the lack of connection.

I was working with a coaching client today who is well respected in their industry and there was a significant degree of frustration. The long and short of it was they didn’t like the ‘workaholic’ business practices that (some) of their senior colleagues had. It was clear that they resented it and it grated against their values. They didnt want to feel like a clone and have to bow to this behaviour as they wanted to keep their personality and identity as well as respect his colleagues and have a career.

Through their use of words it was clear that they did care (although “I dont care” came up a bit) but it was recognising how they could maintain their own approach.

So what options did they come up with?

  1. Establish that if there is something that feels like it is frustrating leave it for a couple of days and if its still there it must be something that they deeply care about and so should step in
  2. If something is frustrating take a breadth and ask if my input will add any value and can I influence the situation significantly?
  3. Recognising that frustration about a work practice can lead to anxiety and lead to a slippery slope to other health issues so recognising that things within frustration zone have different priorities and establish which ones to lay ‘care’ to.

What options do you have in your situation and how can you keep accountable to them?

The feedback was that if they hadnt had the coaching opportunity and the time to reflect, poor practices and wasted (adrenal) energy would continue to fester with a potential debilitating affect

Have you every felt like this?

How have you dealth with it?

Having powerful conversations for example like coaching can support you get to the heart of the matter, create simple and manageable solutions for all to benefit from

If like my client are ambitious busy and need some effective strategies to makes sustainable progress please can in touch by messaging me lizzie@rhodesjames.co.uk

If not now, when?