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Fluoridated people have been on the receiving end of some heavy-duty industrial mass psychology for decades.

The first longitudinal study, in Mexico, sharpening the connection between fluoride in utero and low IQ, arrives shortly before the 50th anniversary of Lincoln City Council’s 1968 vote to fluoridate everyone.

Fitting, just as we are enjoying the benefits of mass moron manipulation, which has carried us so triumphantly into a golden age of gorm.

The situation of the fluoridated person now turns out to be quite complicated, requiring a nifty pick’n’mix of cognitive dissonance-reducing manoeuvres.

Can a dumb-water be as addictive as Facebook? Are you an unemployed election fixer or mob behaviour datawiz seeking a new crowd, preferably helpless on a hook, to manipulate for money or hubris, and let ethics go hang?

Keeping the fluoridation of Lincoln’s brains going could be the new challenge for you. And the beauty is, the suckers fall over to manipulate themselves, repeating/reinforcing our “community water fluoridation” PR-slime for us!

Now you can use my knowhow and experience to target your targets — the real decision makers, not the riff-raff — and make fluoride great again!

Garnered from over two decades of encounters with Lincoln’s fluoridated public, and summarised below: how the Brexitrumpoid psychology of fluoridated people can work for YOU.

Fluoride safety standards were shaped to defend the Manhattan Project against claims for fluoride poisoning. Gaseous diffusion used the first large-scale elemental F to separate fissile uranium for Trinity and Hiroshima.


I believe being (un)fluoridated is bad; this proves I am not (un)fluoridated, wherever I go.

I believe I have never been fluoridated; if it turns out I was, I’ve proved it never happened and I never contradict myself.

I believe I’m fluoridated; by still being alive, I’m proof that being fluoridated is harmless.

I believe people do not have teeth; I believe only water and areas have teeth, because water and areas are fluoridated.

I believe Lincoln City Council would have checked everything was ok before voting in 1968 to surreptitiously feed me any pharmaceutically active industrial waste air pollution scrubber liquor from Europe’s largest fertiliser factory whose 150 acres of gypsum ponds had recently been decommissioned, using machinery that occasionally worked properly, and without any of this being mentioned in the media. What is that, anyway?

I believe the Councillors’ fluoride was 100% tooth-related; somehow with this I can prove it eluded all the other parts of me and everything else, before passing harmlessly on its way.

I believe nothing bad has ever happened; others, especially the government, have always prevented anything bad happening to people.

I believe my being fluoridated is bad; and by carrying on I have proved it can only adversely affect others (in the past and from now on).

I believe avoiding being fluoridated would be a huge hassle; in this way I have easily disproved that being fluoridated is bad.

Note: Actual variations in your fetal serum fluoride concentration status are unlikely to have been affected by any of the above beliefs. Or were they…?

Fluoride’s potential for petrification of developing tissues is not a new phenomenon on this planet, which is some comfort I suppose.

The actual solution as opposed to the psychological one? Remove to an exotic foreign location. In Europe. It can’t happen here.

Starting around 175 million years ago…
This article is about psychology. You can find out a bit more about this stuff at
You don’t want fluoride in your fertiliser, killing everything. Stick it wi’ all that other muck in them big ponds. Whaddya mean, filled in? Fisons Immingham was the biggest superphosphate producer in Europe.
Dissatisfied at the Lincoln City Council’s first two, wrong type of democratic decisions — against fluoridating everyone — a shadowy Lincoln pressure group succeeded at the third attempt, with councillors including local historian and businessman John Greenfield Ruddock joining in a 20–19 vote to fluoridate everyone.
Lincolnshire freemasons unable to answer The RQ include top local law firms and the County Council. Today, patients can RT The RQ to someone who knows:
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