Staying on the Safe Side of the Local Law 84

In the modern world, energy efficiency has become a buzz phrase. As a property owner in New York, this might not have meant a lot to you a few years back but today it can have debilitating impact on your business. This is because of Local Law 84 and LL87 which are laws seeking to enhance efficiency in New York buildings.

Insight on LL84 and LL87

How do these laws influence your business and affect your building? To get these answers it is first important to know what this is all about. According to the PlaNYC, this law falls under the broader Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP).

This focuses on creating more efficiency in the sea of building covering this city. As a building owner, you are supposed to submit benchmarking data if building is over 50,000 square feet. This requires submission of energy and water use for a building in the previous calendar year.

While this might seem like an easy affair, it is a herculean task because you will have to ask for information from tenants and submit the same before set dates. Failure to supply the data by May 1st leads to a penalty of $500. You have more chances on August 1st, November 1st and finally February 1st. failure in each case attracts a similar penalty.

Local law 87 is easier to understand and you are supposed to conform to the law by:

· Carrying out a professional audit on the building’s base systems

· Retro-commissioning measures as part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP)

· Completing an electronic Energy Efficiency Report (EER)

· Submitting the EER once every 10 years to the city’s Department of Buildings (DOB)

Working with Professional LL84 Services

It is crucial to have an expert carrying out these compliance services. They might appear easy but these professionals make the process more effective by:

· Gathering data on the building

· Collating all documentation regarding utility bills and other aggregate reports from the National Grid and Con Ed

· Compilation and analysis of information using suitable software

· Review of all information before submission to avoid errors

· Uploading the data on the ENERGY STAR program provided by US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)

· Finally, submitting the benchmarking report to the city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) and receiving compliance letters.

The high number of building owners who are being cited for violations will surprise you. To avoid this pitfall, it is important to work with an expert for various reasons.

Here is a brief overview why you need these professional services by your side:

· Experience: You have never audited any building and you might not even know whether these laws affect you. However, an expert already has skills in benchmarking and energy auditing. He will thus be more effective.

· Technical expertise: Without the historical data that you need for this process, it is best to let an expert who has the skills work on the project. It not only saves you time but also gives you peace of mind.

· Efficiency: When you work with an established building environment management service, you will be able to handle LL84 AND 87 compliance more easily. For example, you will be able to get quantification of actual fittings on energy retrofits, aggregation of data from a central online platform, identification of applicable incentives among other benefits. This not only aids in compliance but also makes your building more energy efficient.

When looking for an appropriate Local Law 84 service provider, you need to look at the range of services on offer. The best company must have a wide portfolio of services ranging from water savings, fuel conversion, NYC benchmarking, measurements and verification among other services that will help make your property more efficient.

To comply with Local law 87 and LL84, you need a trusted partner to work with you. Make sure you take your time in contracting the best.

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