Hi there. My name’s James. I have two guinea pigs, Rocky and Marvin, who recently turned 3.

Marvin (Left) and Rocky (Right)

One day I had this really cool idea to stream them on YouTube so that I could watch them on my break at work, and also so I could capture them lounging about their new mansion in all of it’s glory.

The first time I watched Mr. Bean and heard Ecce Homo Qui Est Faba all those years ago back in the 90’s I always suspected that something was not right.

My first thought, which I trust you can agree with me on, is why would they be filming this “man” without his consent? They were obviously abusing this poor, helpless mentally challenged man and added a laughter track over the top of it. It’s sick!


I once went up to a duck and fed it Madeira cake and then 10 followed me and I fed them all also there was a family of ducks and the daddy duck hissed at me.

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