14 Simple Guidelines for Investing in Real Estate the Right Way


Here’s a guest post from Komal Parveen, CEO of Marketing Wind on the 14 Simple Guidelines for Investing in Real Estate.

Diving into the real estate business is no joke; it involves taking on high risks, experience and veteran knowledge to stay afloat in the field. The multitude of books, blogs and people claiming to know it all can become confusing, which can create a somewhat intimidating image regarding the real estate business. However, the basics of operating in the real estate market are relatively simple and having a firm grasp over them can provide the edge you need to keep a profitable margin.

Following these 14 guidelines, you will be able to harness the competitive edge required to stay ahead and utilize both your prospects and opportunities to their maximum potential.

1. You Can’t Master Everything

Stepping into the real estate business at first can seem a daunting task, considering the vast amounts of information, tactics and experience that the majority of people in the business boast about. Both learning and then mastering them creates a disconcerting view about the subject, due to which many people are disheartened at first glance and don’t bother exploring the field.

The truth is, there is no one in the field who knows it all. Real estate is a highly diversified and expansive field which houses a vast variety of techniques and information. Not only that, but they fluctuate frequently, which means there is continuous development necessitating being up to date with trends to ensure you know what’s new and how you can benefit from it.

Instead of straining all efforts to cover everything, concentrate on specialization of some techniques and a specific niche in the market where you can excel. This allows you to develop unique skill set which you can use to choose the best available investments.

2. Set Your Goals


Instead of choosing to just go with the flow, set your objectives beforehand and follow them through. The decision to start in real estate investments cannot be a spontaneous decision since it requires investment of both time and monetary resources.

By choosing this field, you are always working to predict future trends and secure deals which will be beneficial even as time progresses. Making mistakes is only human, so don’t be disheartened when your predictions do not turn out as you planned. Use your failures as stepping stones for the future by learning from them and implementing the knowledge you have gained from them in prospective opportunities. Patience is required for investments to yield profits; they don’t generate revenue overnight so be sure to prepare for the long run.

3. Knowledge is Power

Never step blindly into the game: always research your probable investments carefully before making a move. People often hear that there is money to be made from an investment and jump at the opportunity without doing their homework. This is a dangerous habit in a volatile field where the trends are turbulent and market is highly unpredictable. Use real estate websites that specific for you city as an example EstateBlock website for Vancouver Real Estate Listings to investigate the prospective opening and then consider making investments to minimize chances of committing mistakes and regretting them later.

4. Keep Digesting Real Estate Content


Keeping updated regarding developments and the latest news in real estate is a habit that must be developed if you wish to possess an inexhaustible database of relevant knowledge. Books, online blogs, articles and blog posts and real estate websites are excellent resources for gathering data which lends you the facts and figures you need to make choice investments. Not only that, being informed about eh latest news allows you to be aware about recent opportunities that have presented themselves.

5. Create Contacts with Local Investors

Developing and maintaining contact with local investors is the perfect method to gather information about the market and staying aware about changes. Requesting to view a few of their properties or asking about their investments allows you to collect valuable information, since investors are proud about their accomplishments. Local investors have a better understanding about the shifts and openings in the market, so treat them well to stay informed.

6. If You Don’t Know, Don’t Say It

Instead of trying to sound informed in front of investors, it is better to maintain silence than say the wrong thing. If you argue about a real estate investment without knowing the rates in the market, not only will you give off an image of ignorance but the prospective opportunity will ignore you. Moreover, your contacts will refrain from being associated with you, since reputation plays an important factor in real estate business and being associated with the wrong people diminishes it.

7. Create Your Own Strategies

Instead of relying on usual tactics for investment, rely on your own knowledge to come up with original strategies unique to the niche you cover in real estate. Instead of dismissing enticing opportunities that seem out of your league, learn to devise methods for securing them.

8. Rely on Your Math

Yes, investing in real estate requires that you have good math and logics. Knowing how much you are investing and the cost of revamping the site for increasing its return by knowing the repaint, refurbishing and such costs is essential for generating profits on investments. By calculating the cost of investment and additional budget required to enhance returns on investment, you can have a rough estimate the revenue that a site can generate and the feasibility of investing in it.

9. Pre-Plan your Moves


Instead of relying on the situation to shape your plan, adjust your plan so it can already accommodate any shifts that the real estate business may experience. By relying on a solid plan for investments, you can be assured that you have prepared for any situation coming your way and can adjust your sails however the wind blows in the sea of real estate.

10. Everyone Starts Somewhere

There is no shame in starting small; in fact, it is advisable to consider small investments when stepping into the field as a beginner. There is no need to invest in a mansion straight away so that your expectations of a huge return can be fulfilled. Small scale or or joint investments are perfect examples of starting small to learn the basic ropes before playing with bigger opportunities in the market.

11. Business is Business, Nothing Personal

Investing in real estate requires a clean and unfazed state of mind, so exclude emotional interference in your decision making process. Even if someone keeps on insisting that you invest in the opportunity they have discovered, refrain from doing so unless your own research proves that it is indeed a worthwhile investment.

12. Well-Managed Book Keeping from the Start

Keep your paperwork organized and finish it on time to avoid a backlog piling up. Implement a system which allows you to process the paperwork efficiently from the start. This will aid you greatly since the start of your real estate investments will be organized, so there will be no issues regarding taxes and other legal implications.

13. Keep Your Full Time Job

Instead of completely relying on the real estate investments to fill your pocket, it is highly advisable to have a full time job for a number of reasons. It allows you to weather tough times and gives you capital for further investments.

14. A Little Sacrifice Goes a Long Way

Your reliance on real estate investments will require that you sacrifice some of the leisure you enjoy in life. Skipping a vacation, free days or cutting their budget may at first hurt but the rewards of investing on time and not letting an opportunity slip more than compensate the sacrifices.

Investments are a tricky business since estimating their true value, return and the openings during which they become available together constitute a risky pattern in real estate. With these 14 guidelines you can be sure to have the basics in you control and be prepared to make real estate investments which will be profitable.


Komal Parveen is the CEO of Marketing Wind and is an experienced SEO Outreach expert and advertisement specialist. Her interests lie in Digital Marketing Management. She is an internet marketing enthusiast and her specialty is in search engine optimization outreach and content marketing.

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