Top 10 Coolest Independent/Boutique Hotel Concepts

As we continue to put in our efforts for developing and planning for the 2016 Independent Lodging Congress, we thought it would be a great idea to bring you a list of unique and cool concepts beyond the amenities that independent hotels have come up with to offer maximal service and comfort to their guests. Last year at ILC 2015, Liz Lambert of Bunkhouse Group was the award recipient of the 2015 “Start Something Award” for her unmet success in renovating ‘a down on it’s luck’ Hotel San Jose into a unique hotel in Austin, TX along with several follow up hotel design projects. Our countdown of innovative indie hotel concepts is gathered impart by Xotels and Hoteliyo. A few concepts are similar to Lambert’s idea of bringing out hospitality potential from renovations while other concepts are products of pure innovation!

  • Sweden’s IceHotel

This cool idea (pun intended) comes from Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. The extremely unique idea is exactly what it says — a hotel entirely sculpted from ice. Brrr! Each year expert sculptors create new design ideas for the ice and sculpt them leading to many repeat guests. One word for this concept: novelty.

  • Slopesides View in the Middle East

Launched by Kempinski, Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is located near Ski Dubai. This unique concept blends an unexpected pairing of the Middle East and a slope-side view from an alpine-themed room. The indoors of the hotel are surrounded with a snow-dome backdrop giving guests a cabin mountain real life feel. Who would’ve thought!

  • Style, Sex, and Soup

The Townhouse Hotel Maastricht knows exactly what to offer its guests — and more! This hotel played up the authentic warm and personal feel, offering a cup of homemade soup right at the check-in area and leave guests with a cake to take home at check-out. The warm cozy feeling comes with one more perk — rooms with an attached pair of handcuffs on the wall for se — ome quality time (wink, wink).

  • The Student Hotel

Attracting the young college crowd, The Student Hotel provides rooms and suites for academics, international students, and urban travelers. Students get to enjoy multiple accommodations including a gym, café, libraries, study rooms, a bike of your own, and Wi-Fi/cable TV. Things get even better for these student guests, as they get to decide how long they want to stay at hotel — whether that’s two days or two semesters! This concept fosters reliable comfort and safety.

  • Qbic Hotel

Qbic Hotels has its concept right in it’s name. Thinking outside the box, this concept involves creating hotel rooms from already existing boxes — that is of course accomplished by recycling empty office blocks and converting them into usable and comfortable hotel rooms. This hotel concept helps to save time and money costs, as most Qbic Hotel spaces are converted from unused real estate buildings. Qbic Hotels offers guests an affordable place to sleep in cities like Amsterdam and London.

  • Selling the Destination to Guests

This hotel concept is purely Parisian inspired, offering seven different room categories themed after different monuments of Paris (Moulin Rouge, Tour Eiffel, Mussee d’Orsay, Opera Garnier, Trocadero, and Atelier d’Artists). Aesthetic beauty is enhanced by incorporating city lights into the rooms. Guests are allowed to change rooms throughout the day by choice during their stay. The guests’ room is revealed to them as a surprise on their first night at the hotel.

  • Alcatrez Prison Hotel

The creative prison hotel concept comes from Germany. This hotel was converted from a former prison building into a budget hotel. The hotel experience is paralleled by the design as rooms are set up like jail cells with a basic bed, sink, and toilet. The hotel’s café is surrounded with bars and the shuttle bus even looks like a prison owned bus!

  • Sala Silvermine Hotel

The Sala Silvermine Hotel gives guests a chance to experience lodging in their hotel room which is built 155 meters underground. Also known as the “Mine Suite,” it is known as the deepest hotel room in the world! The suite is ordained with galleries and cavities within the walls of the room and guests are given a tour prior to settling in which is to ensure a thrilling explorative experience.

  • Aurora Express Hotel

Found in Fairbanks, Alaska this beautiful and nostalgic concept creates a lodging experience from renovated train cars. Each room inside the train is designed after an Alaskan-themed idea. Elegant and classical designs create a delightful feel for each guest. Room options range from “Immaculate Conception” to “Can Can.”

  • Free Spirit Spheres Hotel

At the number one spot on the countdown, the Free Spirit Spheres Hotel concept is one that stands out the most. These hotel rooms are actual “spherical treehouses” suspended from the trees in Vancouver, Canada. This concept gives guests a tranquil experience deep in the forests, surrounded by nature. Guests are given three different room or “spherical” options to stay in: Eryn, Eve, and Melody. How cool!

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