About Me (llaw)

I write under the pseudonym of Lloyd Albert Williams or as Albert Lloyd Williams for a few more formal subjects or interests, particularly historical stuff. (The image is of my daughter Corrie Anne and me in Reno, Nevada.)

Most folks call me Lloyd. Some use my name with an adjective in front or an adverb behind–sometimes good, other times not. Lloyd Albert Williams is my pen name. My given names are actual, but my pseudo surname is taken from the maternal side of my family for a combination of reasons, some a bit personal.

In my original life–the one before retirement–I was a corporate manager and executive, primarily in the mining industry with a stint in defense contracting , but also with several years in Information Technology and other nerdy cyber enterprises. It so happened that both of those careers taught me to be a pretty fair technical writer, composing such exciting volumes as administrative and technical control systems, prospectuses, manuals for accounting, human resources, computer software, et cetera, leading me, in my later years, to a great dream-like urge to write something enjoyable and more artistically rewarding, and now, after most of a decade of work I have eight novels in various stages of production. Also, in my spare time I have become a political advocate and critic as well as an environmentalist, and an animal, and women’s rights libber.

My primary mission, as I imagine it, here on earth is to help Sophia, our Lost Goddess, achieve her ultimate goal of creating an idealistic sanctuary for all flora and fauna, including us humans, right here on Gaia’s earth. I call the place ‘Felicity’. I don’t expect to bask in that nirvana this time around, but I expect my children and their children and their kids–and so on–to reside there, and all yours, too.

I’m about 6′ 2″ in my cowboy boots, grizzled and gray, and just a bit over 200 pounds. I was born on November 23, 1941, in wonderful Wyoming, where I spent almost all of my first 40 years of this life. I have also lived for extensive years in Idaho, Montana, and the last 28 in Nevada, enjoying some of the most strikingly rugged and beautiful, almost pristine, country on earth.

I’ve seen and experienced a colorful spectrum of life on this planet that’s spiraled all the way up like a soaring eagle, with many elegant swoops and swoons, to the top of the rare air and then, mixed metaphorically, swirled and looped like a windless kite all the way back to the polluted bottom, fortunately catching the breath of a breeze just before the lethal crash, suddenly ascending against the wind part way back up again. But to fly all the way back to those dizzying heights, I know I have to somehow break the kite string to once again soar like an eagle.

I’ve been a husband and I’m a father; I’ve been an administrator, a manager, a corporate executive, a company president and board chairman–all that with huge multi-national corporations to local start-ups; I’ve been a student, an athlete, a hunter and a sportsman, a soldier and a revolutionary. I’ve been something of an accidental libertine, a loner, even a recluse, and I’m a deist-style agnostic with gnosticism in my spirit; I’ve been homeless and I’ve been a prisoner. I’ve been financially well-off, living in a 3500 sq. ft. home, and I’ve been dirt-poor, living in a tent. But I’ve always been a romantic, a dreamer, and a rebel (without a cause, some have said).

All my life, since I was just a boy, I’ve been a dreamer on positive trails with high hopes, an independent free spirit who has listened more to the rhythmic beat of my heart’s innate intuition through all these decades of practical learning experiences, rather than to capitulate to someone else’s theoretical or hypothetical outside influences. But at the same time there has been the persuasive gifts from respected peers and colleagues, and I have accepted and adopted all of it. Over the years I’ve embraced all the results, both the bad with the good, blessing me with an esoteric knowledge of life and a bit of an understanding of its purpose; yet still I yearn to learn more. My soul reaches out for something, like an unfinished job or a project I am not aware of, don’t yet have, don’t yet see, but so desperately need in my life, and my time is running short.

I’m about as honest as the next man–probably moreso than most. But I promise (to myself, at least, and to you if you’re a reader or a friend) that the stuff here on this Blog and in my writings will come from my still unsatisfied wisdom of mind, my unquenchable heart, and my unconquerable soul. My thoughts and words and questions will be as direct and honest as I can muster up for my love of Sophia’s Way–the feminine way. Honesty is not the way of the Patriarch.

A high degree of honesty and compassion is all-important to a sense of values, and a woman’s natural probity, love, compassion, and empathy are part of what makes the female of our species superior to the male. It’s been put this way in a typically western laconic, but profound and amusing, way:

“I don’t have enough respect for men,” she said. “I’ve found very few men who are honest, and you ain’t one of the few.”
“I’m about half-honest,” Augustus said.
“That’s right,” she said.

~ from the novel “Lonesome Dove”
by Larry McMurtry, 1985
(Pulitzer Prize Award Winner)

And, by the way, I sign off on everything I write with this signature: ~llaw