Clouded Vision

Recently one morning I went for a run as I often do. This particular morning was very foggy. It was hard to see. I typically start my run while it is still dark, well before the sun comes up, which made it even harder to see. By the time I had finished, things were beginning to lighten up. The fog was still there, but the sun was beginning to rise. The light from the sun was reflecting on the fog, and even though the distance I was able to see was limited, it was lighter out and I could see more of what was around be.

On a cloudy day, it is also hard, and sometimes impossible, to see the sun. Even though I can’t see it, that doesn’t change the fact that the sun has still risen, because I know it’s there. Even though it’s cloudy, the new day dawns and it gets brighter outside simply from the sun’s presence somewhere beyond the clouds.

That’s one interesting thing about the sun. You don’t have to see it to know it’s still there, doing what the sun was designed to do. It provides heat in the summer, nutrients like vitamin D for us, and contributes to plant growth. The sun has one other important function, it lights up our world each and every day. No matter where you are on planet Earth, you get to experience the light of the sun. Even at the farthest reaches, like the Arctic Circle, the sun shines. It may not be as warm in places like that, but it still shines. Every hour, of every day, the sun is shining down on someone, somewhere.

We can go about each and every day knowing the sun is there without a second thought. It is extremely unlikely that anyone has ever asked the question; “I wonder if the sun is still out there?” They simply know that it is. There are other things in life though that we question, and without sufficient proof, will question their very existence if we can’t see, feel or touch them.

God is much like the sun. You don’t have to see Him to know He is there. You don’t have to be able to touch Him, to feel his presence with you. Like the sun, God is always there, always at work. Every hour of every day, He is shining His light on a dark world.

There are times in our lives when things seem very dark. We feel unloved, lost, and sometimes completely broken down. We may feel abandoned. Even when we feel this way, God loves us, knows exactly where we are, and is helping us hold together the broken pieces. God will never abandon us, though we frequently choose to abandon Him.

Your world may seem foggy, or at best cloudy. It may be hard to see the light or feel the warmth that each and every day should bring. The next time you experience some of these feelings, look up. Maybe you’ll see the sun shining in the sky, or at least lighting up an otherwise cloudy day. When you do, remember that the Creator of the universe put it there for you, to help light up the darkest of days.

God loves you, will never leave you, and like the sun, will always be present with you, even when you think He is nowhere to be found.

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