What If We Start Dreaming Again?

Are you still having any sense of humor like you were in high school or college? Are you still dreaming just like you were kid? As 27 yo, I understand why life can be more serious.

Of course adulthood changed us. Priorities comes from work, family, social, financial, and also self-actualization itself. It comes at the same time and we’re struggling to find the balance. We don’t have much time to think somethings unreal, furthermore dreaming. The numbers on your bill will slap in your forehead every single day and month.

But we know dream is free. It doesn’t have to paid monthly like you buy a new car or house. Okay, dream is free but then time is money. Every moment that we spent is costly.

Yet i believe a dream will affect the quality of life. Like people says, a life without dreaming is like a car less of fuel, empty. And a dream without ambition is like a car without gas, you’re not going anywhere.

So once again,

What if we start dreaming again?

Then put the ambition in to our dream and create the bigger place that we will heading for.




If you wanna see the vulnerability of human being, read this.

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L Mega

L Mega

If you wanna see the vulnerability of human being, read this.

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