Movie Review:Bastille Day

How I rate this movie?Maximum 5 stars and I would rate it


  • This is a great movie.There are many tricks and tactics inside the movie which I cannot explain they easily.So u must watch the movie.
  • Some parts of the movie just like ‘Zootopia’(another the best movie).The identity of real culprit always unimaginable.Surprised
  • The truth,always not as what you saw.We easily pulled by a pool of lies and tricks because we would like to believe what we saw and make a quick judgement on it.A quick judgement made us stupid and weak.
  • Greedy is always the weakness.From a Pickpocket turned to a terrorist.(A misunderstood)From cops become terrorists.From a high-posted officer becomes the boss of terrorist organization.
  • Secret.The most darker part.The truth.Out of the box.Just like an ocean.The deeper you dive into the sea,the scarier you would find out.Make you suffocated and out of breath.
  • Curiosity.Our uncontrolled ability.Take us to expose the deepest secret.And also bravery.

It is one of the best movies I have seen.I am a cinephile.To me,great movies always have great storylines,creativities and surprises.