Need to Borrow Money for Textbooks This Semester? Keep Track and Pay It Back With Lndr

Are you a starry-eyed first-year freshman who has just hit college? Or perhaps a hardened post-grad student in the last year of their doctorate? Whatever the case, if you’re lacking the cash to pay for your textbooks you might need to borrow from a friend. And unless you plan on carrying around a piece of paper for months, you will need a mobile app to keep track of your IOUs.

In today’s post we’ll take a quick look at Lndr — pronounced “lender.” It’s an app for iOS and Android that is perfect for tracking and settling small loans. Let’s explore how Lndr works, how to track a debt, how to settle up and why it’s safe and secure.

Track a Loan in Under 30 Seconds

Tracking a loan, splitting a bill or sharing a tab with Lndr is fast. In fact, it should take you no more than 30 seconds from start to finish. When you first install Lndr, the app will issue you a security phrase that you will need to save. Don’t lose this — it is the only way to restore your Lndr account if you switch phones or need to reinstall the app!

After you have installed Lndr and are inside the app, tap “Friends” to move to the friends screen. Once you have added the friend or family member who helped you out with a loan, tracking it is simple. All you need to do is enter in how much they loaned you and any notes or details. When you confirm the specifics of the loan, your friend or family member will be able to confirm them as well. And that’s it!

With Lndr, You Choose How to Settle Up

At some point, the time will come when you want to pay up and settle your debt. (That is, unless it’s with Mom or Dad and they “forgot.” How convenient!) Lndr features a few different ways to settle your debts, so let’s take a quick look at those.

Is your debt with a college friend or someone a bit more tech-enabled? If so, they may prefer settling in a cryptocurrency rather than cash. Lndr supports settling debts with Ether (ETH) — the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain. Settling up with Ether is both fast and efficient as Lndr has a built-in Ethereum wallet. Once you transfer your Ether into Lndr, it takes just a couple of taps to settle your debt.

But what if you borrowed from a family member that prefers a traditional currency? No problem. Lndr’s PayPal integration allows you to pay your debts back in more than two dozen currencies. And it’s as easy as settling up with Ether.

Whether you are paying back a forward-thinking technologist or an Aunt who is a bit more traditional, Lndr has you covered.

Lndr is Safe, Secure and Private

Did you know that some payment apps make your private transactions available in a public API? Not Lndr. Instead, Lndr helps to keep your transaction data safe. None of your data is stored in a hackable central database, or made available in a public API. In fact, you don’t have to share any personal details or information to use Lndr. So there’s nothing personal to share, sell or use for advertising purposes.

When you track a debt or settle up, Lndr records core transaction details to the Ethereum blockchain. But unlike some of the other apps out there, your personal information isn’t shared. So, no matter what kind of bills or expenses you are splitting, your data is safe.

As you can see, Lndr makes tracking and settling your debts and IOUs easy. Whether you’re borrowing a bit of cash for textbooks or next month’s rent, give Lndr a shot.

Lndr is available for iOS and Android. Download it today at

a peer-to-peer bill splitting and expense sharing mobile app for iOS and Android that uses the Ethereum blockchain to create, manage and settle casual debts.

a peer-to-peer bill splitting and expense sharing mobile app for iOS and Android that uses the Ethereum blockchain to create, manage and settle casual debts.