Perspective on Trump
We’re treated to false elation, dread fear and gleeful spite in the wake of this election.

The question is what is something near reasonable perspectives?
Here are my suggestions:
1. Trump did not win the election via the popular election. Only 29% of the population voted for him, so he is a minority President and the most unpopular one holding the office in the history of the United States. That spells trouble for him.

2. The above makes Donald Trump the most valuable organizing tool the left has had in decades. That majority is going to organize against him (have already started to do so) and this makes his Presidency an opportunity which the myopic left will sooner or later recognize.

3. Wall Street lost the election. The Sanders majority, the fall of the Wall Street democrats, the hatred of wall street by the majority of the population makes them and their 1% power more venerable than ever.
4. The great illusion of American politics has always been when the minority convinces the majority that they the majority has lost the election. This time it will not work, cum Bernie Sanders. 
5. This is values clarification time in American politics, a circumstance which has not occurred since the Civil War, when the country went to war over slavery (read political power and wealth in slaves.)
6. The above is invaluable since the long standing problem of slavery, racism, bigotry, all have been held under the surface of things and now, will and are, being openly revealed and, will be confronted in healthy and unhealthy ways in this country. 
But confronting problems is messy but necessary and, sometimes, bloody, but, confronting is better than hiding and suppressing problems in the polity.
7. What will happen? Difficult to say but, here are a few possibilities:
-The country will fragment and go with with hidden and not so hidden resistance moments.
-The country will come to its senses and toss the Trumpites out in the mid term elections and after, elect a progressive President and many to the Senate and Congress. Why? Because the GOP always over reaches itself and always goes for sadistic punishments inviting the reaction above.

So all is not lost, but we will have to suffer a period where many in this country will feel lost, will be lost, but slowly find their way back to sanity in time. Or not.