I Came Here For the Ads

H&M ad (2014):

This ad shows David Beckham modeling underwear. He proceeds to go outside and gets locked outside and in order to get back in, he goes on a crazy adventure, climbing and jumping on buildings and eventually makes it back inside, but not before he accidentally catches his underwear and they rip off. The point of the ad is clearly stated at the beginning when it says H&M. The target audience for this ad is young adults who would shop at H&M and also who know who David Beckham is. They use sex appeal very much in this ad so it also appeals to women even though he is modeling mens clothes. The tone is humorous but also adventurous and dramatic because the viewer does not know what is going to happen in the end.The story has three different parts. The beginning where Beckham is modeling in front of the camera in the underwear. The middle where he is locked outside and has to find a way back in and so he climbs and scales buildings and the end is when he gets back inside but accidentally gets his underwear ripped off. The exposition of the story is when Beckham is modeling the underwear at the very beginning. The ad has a clear rising action which is when you see Beckham on the roof and the door lock behind him. The climax is him finding a way to get back inside and the resolution is him back inside, underwear-less.

Check out the ad here! http://www.hulu.com/adzone/591989

Doritos ad (2013)

This ad shows two young boys sitting outside when their mom comes home from the grocery store. She asks for help and the older brother responds in a sassy way which immediately makes the audience have a not-so-favorable opinion of him. The mom then tells them if they don’t help they can’t have the Doritos. This prompts the older brother to then run to help his mother, but not before the younger brother commands his dog and rides it over to the car to lasso the Doritos right out of his brothers hands. The last scene is the younger brother tying his brother up so he and his dog can enjoy the Doritos with their mom cheering in the background. The target audience of this ad is families. Parents can relate to the older brothers attitude and not wanting to help. The tone is humorous because the ad is supposed to make the audience laugh. The company is identified in the beginning when the mom specifically says the boy can’t have any Doritos and it shows Doritos sitting perfecting on the car seat. The ads exposition is when the mom shows the Doritos. The rising action is the older brother running towards the car. I think the climax is when the younger brother tips his hat to the older brother; almost like he was saying “its on”. The climax is the younger brother riding the dog and then lassoing the Doritos out of his hands. The falling action is the younger brother taking the bite of the Doritos and the resolution is the younger brother tying his brother up.

Check out the ad here! http://www.hulu.com/adzone/452851


1. I think the Doritos ad has a stronger narrative. It is generally in more of a storytelling format than the H&M one. The Doritos one truly has a beginning, middle, and end, and the H&M one is not as clearly stated. I think the viewer wants to know what is going to happen in the Doritos ad more.

2. While the H&M ad may catch the viewers attention faster because it uses sex appeal, I believe that the Doritos one is better at keeping the attention because the viewer wants to know what is going to happen. The Doritos one also kind of has a “bad guy” in it with the older brother and so the viewers are more invested and want to root for the younger brother.

3. I think people are more likely to share the Doritos one. I can’t picture people really sharing the H&M one on social media because it’s a more risque. The Doritos one is more relatable and funny and draws in a larger viewing audience.

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