The Last Wild American Mustangs

The story I chose as my spotlight story was the GoPro video, Wild Mustangs- A legacy in 4K. This is a video published to Youtube and Vimeo by GoPro. It is a singular video, about eight and a half minutes long. This nonfictional story shares cowboy Clay Nannini’s thoughts of the impact of preserving Wild American Mustangs. It is set in the Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to over 600 Wild American Mustangs. The story takes you through a day where Clay and his sons are herding the Mustangs and he is teaching his sons about the power of the horse. Clay says he can attribute the most things good in his life to horses and that’s because his dad and grandfather put him on a horse when he was young. He teaches his sons about the horses through action, not words. He shows them what he does and they pick up on it. The video shows Clay’s efforts in the preservation of the Wild American Mustang while also incorporating how Clay is passing on his knowledge to his sons, the same way he learned from his father. GoPro created the video, but the actual content of the video has nothing really to do with the GoPro company. GoPro made this video to go with their Hero4 series which highlights different stories in a super high definition video. It is clearly labeled that this video was paid for and made by GoPro because all of the footage is from a GoPro camera and was also posted to their website and Youtube. GoPro is known for making action videos with their cameras. While this video is similar to other storytelling GoPro videos, this one is told slightly different. It doesn’t tell list a sequence of events, it rather shows the life of a cowboy who is passionate about Wild Mustangs and his experience with trying to preserve and show the brilliance of the horse. It represents a slightly forgotten story of the Wild Mustangs. As Clay says in the video, horses are a huge part of American history, but they have been forgotten as they are not as prevalently needed. This video exists in a series with other content from GoPro, but the subject matter is completely different. There is no other video about the Wild American Mustangs. What makes this video innovative and original is definitely the way the story is told and also the video footage incorporated with it. It is impossible for a human to view the Wild Mustangs in the same way the video was filmed. They were able to get shots of the horses from unlikely angles which makes the footage very powerful. Clay and his sons are also wearing GoPros on their bodies and hats which gives you a life-like view as if the viewer is actually there. Wild Mustangs aren’t a common story topic and this also makes this video new and exciting to see. Other organizations don’t really compare to GoPro with this type of content and video style because other organizations could not have gotten the same footage. GoPro truly has a leg up on competing organizations because of it’s ability to get one of a kind video footage that takes storytelling to a new level. This video had a positive reaction from viewers. From horse lovers to non-horse lovers, this video captures the attention of many people. It racked up over three million views in under a year. It has been shared on horse sites as a stunning look into the Wild American Mustang. It wasn’t an overnight viral story but still has great substance that people enjoy to see. Its uplifting and hopeful, and Clay Nannini’s passion for this animal is admired by many. I think other Brands and organizations can take away from this video the nontraditional way it tells a story. It doesn’t follow the guidelines of a beginning, middle, and end. It instead shows the viewer a more captivating story with pictures and narration. It also challenges the storytelling guidelines that many other organizations use. Other organizations can learn from this video how to incorporate a more “showing” and less “telling” aspect into storytelling.

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