This is how IoT & 5G are changing the world.

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5 min readDec 23, 2021

What Is It?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a global system of devices or objects that are connected to the internet, like your smartwatch, the security system, or your refrigerator.

IoT applications are all around us — smart cities, transit systems, super markets, parking lots, you name it., we can trace it back to the 1970s. ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) were the first generation of connected devices that were all over the place!

The businesses that start to develop or expand IoT technology now, whether it is in their products, services, or operations, are the ones who will gain a competitive advantage.

It’s overwhelming to imagine all the opportunities that IoT can bring in the next few years, but also very exciting, don’t you think? Our lives are becoming more and more centered around technology and devices that keep us connected. Think about it for a bit and see the impact that the IoT has on our daily lives.

Some appliances will do the work for you. You don’t have to bother making the grocery list anymore. Healthcare will also improve with IoT devices that can help doctors and nurses lighten their work and track vital statistics of the patients.

IoT also makes roads safer and more energy-efficient by using solar energy and glowing lanes to reduce the need for costly street lamps. Also, In theory, the highway will even be used as a charging mechanism for electric cars. How awesome?

Have you thought about the limitless possibilities that it offers businesses and society?

When everything is connected to everything, the possibilities are endless!

There are sub-types of IoT related to different areas, though.

Industrial IoT is more relevant to businesses, instead of individuals. The goal is to make all manufacturing equipment digital and smart. This is where IoT devices can help businesses to grow — incorporating smart applications. If the equipment is prepared with intelligent assets, it will be easier to track, monitor, and predict potential behaviors.

The travel industry — airlines mainly — was one of the fastest to adopt IoT solutions. This way it is possible to reduce costs while increasing the passengers’ safety. Automated check-ins, for example, have saved airlines money and passengers time, as well as baggage tracking leaves them more peaceful about their bags’ whereabouts. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is the most important thing, and with the help of IoT, it has been happening.

The environment is another area where IoT has been having a huge impact. Water management or even electric and gas devices can help eliminate waste and reduce costs. This is also a big step in what concerns our health. Smart sensors can detect bacteria or other nocive components in water analyses.

In fact, healthcare is one of the biggest industries that easily adapted to IoT technology. Smart medical devices track and monitor in real-time, helping health professionals do their job the best way they can. The data collected from people can then be used for storage in a cloud and reported to family, other medical professionals, or even insurance companies. The digitalization and centralization of patient records have also been a helpful consequence of IoT. This way is easier for healthcare professionals to check everyone’s medical history.

Agriculture can also heavily benefit from IoT technology. Farmers are now collecting data about their crops with the help of smart devices. Sensors are the most used device, whether it is to measure water, analyze soil, or anything else. IoT applications are today’s main help for farmers to optimize their yields.

Business Intelligence is another great benefit that comes from IoT integration. Businesses no longer need to rely on intuition or guesses when making big decisions. With the right IoT solution, it is possible to get a complete picture of the consumer’s experience with their products and analyze possible modifications if needed. Nothing like knowledge about their target to make faster and better decisions, improving not only the customer experience but also the growth of the business.

About 5G Integration

5G is the base for realizing the full potential of IoT. To achieve the full potential of IoT, 5G will play an important role in being at the forefront of IoT networks when it expands globally. This means that 5G will let people control more devices remotely in applications where real-time network performance is critical. With IoT-enabled devices, 5G will connect more devices at a higher speed, therefore creating a better user experience.

There are many ways that this IoT and 5G combination can create innovation in the most various industries such as agriculture, transportation, shipping & logistics, facility management, artificial intelligence, and even virtual reality. To enjoy their full potential, companies who work in these industries really need to consider applying smart solutions, with the help of specialists that can guide them to choose the best options.

IoT technologies are considered a low-cost, low-power consumption solution, and connected to 5G they will be a powerful tool to all industries, businesses, and society’s transformation and evolution. It is believed that by 2030, 5G will provide around 40% of IoT connections!

A revolution is going to happen in the way we see the world, and the world will become alive! The technological landscape will be completely data-centric in the future. This is only possible with IoT devices that collect and interpret data, transfer it and make decisions based on it — without human participation.

One thing is certain, we are living in a very connected world!

Everything is going to be connected to everything else and we will have to be prepared for some exciting changes, beginning with our work tasks and daily life. Smart cities are going to be real. Smart homes are having a very big growth at the moment and smart offices are a must-have for every business! Even for agriculture, one of the most promising smart businesses, IoT will change its course!

In what way would you like to implement Iot in your business?



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