Why Is Business Intelligence The Future Of Your Company?

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4 min readFeb 2, 2022

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, day-to-day business affairs have changed. Many companies are still adapting their business models and preparing themselves for possible future turning points.

Enterprises that focus on long-term success and try to predict future events, adopt holistic methods and use all the available data to insure themselves from the next crisis.

BI software and services use data and transform it into actionable insights that help businesses make the best decisions. They access a central platform that includes all their client’s information and each departments’ performance.

That is called Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence tools access and analyse data while presenting analytical findings in reports, graphs and charts to provide analysts with detailed information about the state of the business. It is possible to analyse present and historical data, get updates on market trends and identify opportunities. When used effectively, these BI tools are helpful for companies to stay competitive and maximize their revenue streams.

How Business Intelligence Works

Business Intelligence is divided into three different parts.

1. The company stores its data in a secure and centralized platform.

2. Business analytics provide simplified data.

3. The progress towards the company’s goals is monitored by business performance management tools through an interactive dashboard with data visualization reporting tools.

Organizations define the yearly/ monthly/ weekly goals that need to be tracked and monitored.

BI helps with business analysis to determine the right strategy to reach KPI’s.

Data experts apply advanced analytics to identify patterns and predict future trends.

“Why did that happen?”

“What is going to happen next?”

“What can the company do?”

Business Intelligence Benefits

Business intelligence software creates fast and accurate reports with valuable insights about the businesses’ processes, workflow and results. When companies upgrade their BI software, they enjoy competitive analysis with better data and increase customer satisfaction.

Integration of business intelligence tools will also improve employees satisfaction and operational efficiency. It is possible to check the strengths and weaknesses of every employee and assign relevant training if needed.

Big, medium or small-sized companies can take advantage of BI to analyse, manage and present business data. More than 30% of large-sized companies integrate business intelligence practices in their daily work. Decision making through data analysis is five times faster for every business. It is crucial for companies with no time to lose.

BI applications work online and are multi-platform and multi-user, meaning that they are easy to operate and available to many users, not only to executives or data scientists. A complete view of the company’s activities is necessary and provided by business intelligence to identify issues, improve general productivity and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

The Future of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is increasingly growing and evolving according to business needs and technology. Business intelligence strategies integrate innovations in artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Most companies aim to be more data-driven so, the efforts to share data and collaborate between employees and partners will increase. That is essential for teamwork across all departments and helps teams in different ways such as time and sales tracking, customer behaviour insights, forecast profits and much more.

Companies that incorporate business intelligence technologies always search for new trends and the latest innovations. These enterprises are on the front row to change the world.

What are the biggest trends in Business Intelligence?

Establishing a data-driven culture is one of the most important trends for 2022.

Methodical knowledge on how to analyze collected data and facts is needed to replace gut feeling based decisions to assure better strategic actions.

Master data and data quality management are other trends for business intelligence, which show the importance of having the best quality data.

The top trends for business intelligence represent the desire of businesses to manage their data responsibly and efficiently with the help of IoT technologies. Organizations are aware of its importance and actively use it to improve decision-making processes.

How do the biggest companies in the world implement BI?

Industries such as healthcare, education and information technology have already adopted business intelligence processes. Here are some examples of large innovative companies that implemented BI tools.

The online entertainment company you may know as Netflix, benefits from BI by getting people to interact with their content. A smart algorithm collects data and enables Netflix to suggest subscribers customised content based on previously viewed programs.

Walmart studies customers online and in-store activities such as route and purchase habits. After the data is analysed, the retail company can understand patterns, predict future behaviours and act on them with the right sales or marketing strategies.

Baylis & Harding is a wholesale toiletries distributor whose managers and executives didn’t have accurate and easy access to financial and sales data. The goal was to make better decisions and expand the business, so the company implemented business intelligence tools to develop complete reports with all the information needed. After the BI integration, it was possible to take a step forward into the future and design the best strategy for success.

There are no more doubts about business intelligence importance for today’s enterprises

Business Intelligence combines business analytics, data mining and visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations make informed decisions.

Enterprises are using BI capabilities to overcome business obstacles and dominate the market.



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