I think the hardest thing for me to becoming a writer is getting started.

I think the hardest thing for me to becoming a writer is getting started. It is not having a writer’s block of what to write or what topic to cover, but it is the opposite. I have so much I want to write about that I get overwhelmed. I could write about the current politics in the U.S., the hidden side of racism in social media, the latest new gadget that I wish I had, the south beaches of Thailand and where to visit, the newest techniques in CSS, how to survive in the kitchen with no skills, why the NFL is essential to the global economy, and the list goes on. Do I know enough about all of those topics to be an expert? Of course not! Do I need to be an expert to express an opinion? Of course not! People do it all the time on the internet. I love when people claim their opinion to be fact. I think writing and the internet should spawn inspiration and excitement, not hatred and fear. The mass media spreads fear like a cancer. Television shows are more focused on murder and sex than any other topic I can think of. The most positive show on television today is Last Man Standing with Tim Allen. He has his political satire injected but always well-balanced with Ryan (his son-in-law). He always has a message too. I miss shows that I watch and feel, do I do that? Can I be better? As you can see, I am just getting started writing, my goal right now is to write. Write about nothing, write about a movement, write about a trip, write about the world. It doesn’t matter what it is, but just write. I’m excited about this and I am going strong right now, it is only day 2. I have always been a sprinter and never a long-distance person. If I can accomplish something in 2 months or less, I will. If it takes more of a commitment then I will start…drag off… pick it back up… drag off… etc… That is my pattern. I guess that is my question today, what is your pattern that you want to change, and do you know how to change it? Sometimes it is easy as doing it. I know for a fact that as soon as you make a decision to do something, NOTHING HAPPENS. You need to actually DO IT! I love making decisions to get in shape, to eat healthier, to travel more. Those decisions are nothing until I actually exercise, say no to fast food, and buy a plane ticket. Let’s review. I wrote about not being able to focus on a topic, and the talked about mass media, last man standing, pattern recognition, making decisions, so back to the original topic. I can’t focus on picking a topic. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. :-)

Originally published at medium.com on October 17, 2015.