My Writing Journey

I have had multiple accounts, multiple blogs, and much more.

For now, I have decided to put it all here. Development, life journeys, experiences, and commentary. It is who I am, like it, love it, or hate it. So here goes…

My writing journey begins here. I have always wanted to be a writer. I wrote a lot as a kid. I remember I wrote letters, stories, and so much more. I wish I had some of those letters. I wrote one that was 25+ pages. I had a lot of free time I suppose. I do know that I enjoy expressing myself in words. Special words that come from experience, pain, joy, things I call life. We all have stories to tell and we all love to be heard, but we never take the time to write, or when we share, we don’t feel we are heard. I realize now that I need to simply write. If it is heard (or read in this case), then great. If not, then I know I have done my part to express myself. We are all writers, speakers, and much more. We just have lost our voices along the way, we get busy with life. We get busy with family. We get busy. We sometimes even pride ourselves on how busy we are. We get so busy that we forget what we love. So go pursue what you love. Today I have started writing again. I created a new account specifically for this journey. So join me on my journey as I become a writer.

Originally published at on October 16, 2015.

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