Time is a human construct, but can be a useful tool!

There is often a debate about how time is a human construct and that time does not really exist without relation to position. That is not what this post is about. We have so many minutes in an hour, so many hours in a day, and so many days in a year, so many years in a lifetime. I recently read an article by Tim Urban about your life in weeks about tracking how much time you have left, visually. It was pretty crazy, assuming you only have 90 years on this planet (I hope I make it to that). 90 is not a lot of years when listed out. So the question he asks is what are you doing right now. Makes you pause for a moment.

Sure, I can say, I’m writing, I’m pursuing my dream as a writer, so at this very moment, I’m doing amazing. I am about to go downstairs and watch some tv and probably fall asleep shortly after that. I don’t try to pack so much in my day that I can say I am crazy productive! I pack so much in my day that I can say, I am crazy happy!

Being busy does not make you successful, it makes you busy. Now, think about the one thing that you really want to finish. What is it? Put a time frame on the next step to accomplishing that. Writing that book, running that marathon, landing that job, getting that degree, landing on Mars… the next step is what is key, we get so bogged down with the daunting tasks that we want to deal with. “I’ll never … I just don’t have the time”.

Use your time, let’s pick a simple example. Doing a 100 push-ups. I could never do that! First, you have to put a time frame on doing 10 push-ups, or even 1. Stop right down, do a single push-up, get on your knees if you need to, but try it. I’ll wait… I’m pretty patient… Did you do it? If so, good for you, you are a step closer to doing a 100. How long did that take 20 seconds? Do you have 20 seconds a day to make your dreams come true?

I love to write, to vent, to teach, to inspire, to talk, to share, and to listen. I never learn anything by talking. I always learn something by listening. So listening was a WAY more valuable skill than public speaking. I digress, my tangents… So today I am writing. I have written a little each week for this year. I haven’t written everyday, and the days I don’t write I don’t think about how I am a failure or have a writer’s block, or have let myself down. If I think about it at all I usually say, I will write tomorrow.

So set your time frame, use your time. Use it for you. The mind is really fascinating when there is a time frame involved. It gets obsessed, it gets driven, and it gets moving. Of course, that is not true for everyone. I have met people that get overwhelmed, terrified, and a dark downward spiral. I’m not one of those people, and I honestly think those people choose that path because it is comfortable for them, they know how to handle misery and are terrified of success or change because if change makes their life better, then they think about how much time they have wasted and are now back in their misery. It really is a fascinating situation, not in a good way, just something I don’t comprehend, anymore.

Have I been depressed, lonely, etc… of course… for years… something changed, I set a time frame for me to change, and I started down a different path. A good friend of mine said, “If you are having a bad day, you can change that right now”. It is how we respond to life that makes it good or bad.

Set your time frame, choose to have a good day, and go accomplish your dreams. It really can be that easy, but it always helps with someone in your corner helping you. Share your dreams, and let’s help each other be great!

I am usually this happy, but the inspiration comes when it comes… Thanks for stopping by! GO SET YOUR TIME FRAME NOW!

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