Will the Premier League Title race go to the wire?
Terry Crawford

After the spine-chilling, anti-record-breaking succession of away defeats Chelsea might need another mid-season shake-up not unlike those of 2012 and 2013, when they came to snatch two main European trophies in a row, thus unlocking unique, for UEFA Top 5, achievement, which even Spanish teams dominating European arena have still been unable to beat. Trouble is, there’s no competent, free of obligations, trophy-oriented managers in sight, whereas decline of Roman empire under (mis)management of Granovskaya and expats has significantly accelerated since Di Matteo one-in-a-lifetime wonder, which, in broader prospect, had caused more harm than good. So I think Sarri deserves yet another chance in this very difficult situation without any solutions.

That is to say, I’m neither a Chelsea fan nor a supporter of MUTD. I’m just interesting in phenomenon of EPL as the most rich and mercilessly competitive league of the EU (at least till Brexit comes down on the winds of spring and EPL technically ceases to count among EU leagues), which nonetheless consistently struggles in the war of the Spanish succession.