Why 2016 is right time to invest in Russia
Alex Polynov

Agree. Last fall-winter season ruble vs USD currency rate sufficiently closely resembles initial weakening of 2014, when the first round of oil prices dropping had happened. Then 2015 spring-summer brought almost 2-fold strengthening of Russian currency vs all main world competitors. Of course, it’d be slightly naive to blindly follow this extrapolation, but oil prices and exchange rates are well-known by their tendency to long- and middle-term scale invariance.

Hope remains that marginal Russian economic freaks like Senator Kalashnikov and other Glazyev-like babbling heads shall not prevail. Political and financial instability in Russia and Eastern Europe might do them a favor, though. But, methinks, apocalyptic evaluations of Russian economical prospects flowing from pro-Ukrainian* analysts like moderately famous clown Slava Rabinovich (and other operators of his account) have even less predictable force.

*Disclaimer: Here I use term pro-Ukrainian defining analysts and journalists who ravagely oppose current Russian mainstream political and economical discourse whereas staying in tight connect with Russian markets and media currents and trying to cover their own cracks by paper, so they wouldn’t be called pro-Western or anti-Russian in strict sense. Ukrainian crisis seems lowest common denominator for all them.