Alien: Woking in the shadows

Now that Alien: Covenant starts its world hunting tour (Russia and the US, evade spoilers for a week), I can rumble out a bit that a few days ago, in conversation with my friend, I had foretold her almost all the script, including final twist well seen like a supernova-illuminated beacon from mere light-minutes distance.

Niven & Benford were often scapegoated for their Wok World duology, but skeleton crew members of the Sunseeker on wake-up call seem geniuses next to Covenant’s; the latter ones probably could outgun Trump key advisors on Weyland-Yutani primaries. Strangely, Alien: Covenant may be the closest approximation of Bowl of Heaven & Shipstar on the screen for years to come: even the root of initial problems on Scott’s generation ship sounds familiar, when the sun also rises. Further, in the books and movie exactly two male redshirt gays are presented, with equally small contributions to the plot as well as degree of sexual expression shown. Maybe they emerge due to some editorial quota?