Alternative exoplanet

In the fresh article concerning NASA’s plans to make our Sun the ultimate gravitational telescope, Engadget states:

A quick look into Wiki is probably sufficient to discover that Kepler 452b orbits around solar-like star named Kepler 452 on a palpable distance from Earth — about 1,400 light years. Not hundreds of millions light years. And there’s more: Kepler 452b was discovered not due to gravitational lensing, but after observing its transits across the disk of central star, thus dimming the latter regularly though for a split second (on cosmic scale).

When American leftist-nerdist media like Arstechnica, Engadget and their ilk fiercely attack The Donald and his counselors on all matters, not least in relation to science and environmental policy, they should be very careful in fact-checking lest their facts be deemed alternative.


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