Lessons unlearned by HTC from the demise of Nokia

Pretty much any Apple clonemaker struggles to expand beyond home market, which is mainly due to hazard of intellectual property lawsuits. That said, recently debuted Xiaomi Mi Mix gives us clear clues to possible new image of Xiaomi as the first Chinese Apple clone producer turned courageous innovator.

Meanwhile HTC, slavishly copied by Apple a couple of iPhone generations ago, continues its downward spiral. According to company’s spokespersons, HTC currently is thinking about putting HTC 11 on the shelf. Such move would correlate with rather insipid HTC 10 sales numbers as well as restricted regional availability of the one. Moreover, whereas another struggling Android phone manufacturer, namely Sony, seems well-suited to launch two or even three competing ‘flagships’ just several months apart from each other (as of late these were Xperia X, Xperia X Performance and Xperia XZ), HTC generally tended to be more considerate and launch flagship devices only once a year — to clone their design aesthetics into respective models of lower tiers.

And, of course, HTC, the former darling of audiophiles, appears adamant about ejecting headphone jack from new season phones. Why? Because Apple says so. But then, do we really need yet another glass-and-metal iPhone clone on Android steroids, costing approximately the same as iPhone and twice as much as Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo or Vivo iPhone-oid ilk? Time will tell, but for now, Google Pixel seems lone HTC-produced device immune to self-destructing design plagues or lukewarm reception. Why? Because Google says so.


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