Pumpkin Force

Yet another stillborn child of blessed pure Chinese design aesthetics and Motorola reinvigorated brand arrives. Is it only me or camera bump would better suit Halloween Pumpkin?

Naturally, headphone jack is not included. Woodgrain Style Shell Mod, the one Moto Z came packaged with, also seems nowhere to be seen.

Since Motorola acquisition, Lenovo continues to sacrifice Turbo/Force lineup battery life for slimness: first gen Z Force had 3500 mAh, i.e., 260 mAh less than Droid Turbo 2/Moto X Force (from 2015), and Droid Turbo (from 2014) covered all bases at 3900 mAh. And as Moto Z coalesces with Z Force into Z2 Force, this summer you will not be able to jailbreak Lenovorola pricing scheme by turning to Moto Z2 Play, for its gargantuan battery of yore has been slashed by 500 mAh.