Release of new, detailed images from New Horizons space probe has been delayed again and now is scheduled on the end of the current week, whereas high-definition photos may be downloaded only through February. The probe’s solar conjunction ended Jan 7, so that’s probably not the main reason for delay. What is it, then? Can it be that the longest shutdown in the US history hearkens as far as unto the farthest reaches of the Solar system? The power of imperial unit system, which US federal government adheres to, is truly astonishing: not only it gives access to deep space in the hands of the country that clutches into it, but also overrides obstacles of relativity by instantly taking an effect in Kuiper belt. Awesome achievement indeed. What’s better, writing on the Mexican border wall or on the heliospheric hydrogen wall whereat NH proceeds? You, fellow American readers, are to decide as soon as in 2020.