10 Things You May Not Know About Donavon Warren.

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Donavon Warren

Donavon Warren was born on September 16th, 1980 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer is known for his ambition, resilience, and determination. Here are 10 things that you might not know about him.

1. Donavon was homeless…

When Donavon was still in High School, he moved out of his house due to family issues and began living in his car. He would work nights and go to school during the day. This continued all the way through the end of High School until he eventually graduated and moved to Los Angeles. The total time living in his car was a little over 8 months.

2. He lost over 50 pounds for the Role of Mickey in Wheels.

You heard that one correct. He lost 50 pounds to play a heroin addict in the movie. Mostly losing muscle. He went from 194 to 143 pounds during the middle of filming. He did this by going on several diets. The final being only eating a can of tuna and an apple a day. During this final stage, Donavon could only sleep 2 hours a night and said he was losing his mind.

3. He got kicked out of medical testing.

To get some of the money needed for filming the movie Wheels, Donavon signed up for Medical testing. He tried to get into the medical testing program 3 times. The first time he didn’t get accepted. The second time was during his weight loss. His resting heart rate had dropped so low it went below 35 beats a minute and was setting off the death alarms in the facility. They kicked him out for the second time. The third time he was finally accepted, where they gave him a 3 inch shot into his stomach.

4. He wakes up early.


Donavon has been noted to wake up every day at 2:57 AM. This is usually followed by lifting then a run. Sometimes it’s with a 100-pound weight vest.

5. He had over 100 jobs since living in LA.

Donavon has had so many jobs he has lost track. He has done everything from selling shoes at Big 5, washing windows, to working nights at the post office. He said he moved jobs so many times because of auditions and acting jobs.

6. His teammates nicknamed him Tex.

Donavon played football in Texas and finally finished in California. Eventually starting as the tailback for Santa Barbara high. His teammates on the first day of practice upon hearing he was from Texas, called him Tex. It stuck like glue. He currently is a season ticket holder to the Rams and can be seen at every game.

7. He is single.

Behind every successful man is a woman…doesn’t seem to be this case. At the time of writing this, Donavon is currently single. He attributes this to his dedication to work at this stage in his life. He is also said that if he met the right person, things would change.

8. His favorite team is the Rams.

Being a football player for so long has built a passion and love for the game of football for Donavon. He is an avid Rams fan and can be seen at every home game.

9. He owns a Brain Supplement Company.

Donavon started Enrichment Labs in 2015, with the main product being Iso Brain. Iso Brain is a nootropic that helps support memory, clarity, focus, and brain function.

10. He is booked up for the next 5 years.

Donavon’s upcoming movie production is Vampire Apocalypse. If that movie didn’t sound challenging enough, after wrapping that movie he will go into production for a 4 part trilogy of movies called Time Wars. Time wars will take over 2 years to film.

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