10 Things You Might Not Know About Jeffery Alan Jones.

Jeffery Alan Jones

Jeffery Alan Jones was born on July 31st in Long Beach, California. He is famously known as a Composer, Sound Designer, and Re-Recording Mixer for major motion pictures. Here are 10 things you might not know About Jeffery Alan Jones.

1. Jeff is Considered the Gold Standard in Post Production Sound.

Jeffery Alan Jones has won many awards on various films. His film, “Sound”, won over 50 awards at various film festivals. He is also a Blue Ribbon Judge for the prestigious Golden Reel Awards, presented by Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild.

2. Jeff is a Triple Threat: Composer, Sound-Designer, and Re-recording Mixer.

Utilizing his background in classical music, Jeff merges all three talents seamlessly. His movies have an immersive sound experience that can be found nowhere else.

3. Alan Audio Works Is a State-of-the-Art Sound Studio and Oasis Retreat Built and Designed by Jeff.

Jeff built his custom audio oasis! Alan Audio Works”, in 1990. The sound studio is known for its retreat-like setting, surrounded by vast amounts of nature and wildlife. The studio is also decked out with the latest in cutting-edge sound equipment and a Dolby Mix stage that surpasses even the highest-ranked multimillion-dollar facilities.

4. Jeff Has Some Huge Movies Coming Out.

Jeff has a huge list of movies that are scheduled to be released. These include “All Star Weekend” starring Robert Downey Jr., Gerard Butler, and Benicio Del Toro. “Groove Tales” with Jamie Fox and Dave Bautista. “Nine Bullets” with Sam Worthington. And the list goes on and on.

5. Jeff Has Worked With Some of the Best A-List Talent in Hollywood.

Jeff has worked with some of the best A-list talent in Tinseltown. He has collaborated with Nicholas Cage, Cuba Gooding Jr., John Malkovich, Richard Dreyfuss, Cameron Diaz, Elijah Wood, Thomas Jane, Tobin Bell, Maggie Q, and others.

6. Jeff Is in High Demand All Around the World.

Jeff continues to be hired around the globe. Not only has Jeff worked on large budget international movies, he has also conducted the National Chinese Symphony Orchestra in Beijing, China. Jeff has worked with the legendary director Sherwood Hu and taught classes at the prestigious Shanghai University for the Arts. Everything from working on 3D virtual ride experiences, to sound designing the Planetarium in Qatar. He also
created the sound design for the Fast and Furious amusement park ride in Wuhan, China.

7. Jeff Has Always Been Obsessed With Sound.

As a child, Jeff was fascinated with “The Doctor Demento Show.” He created his own radio skits with his tape recorder and primitive sound effects. This was the beginning of what would become a lifelong passion for sound. Transitioning to becoming an expert pianist, which led to composing films. It did not stop there, he loved sound so much that he expanded the scope of his work to mixing complete film soundtracks..

8. Jeff Does Big Documentaries as Well.

Jeff has several prestigious documentaries coming out, including “The Lafayette Escadrille” and “Burden of Proof” which premier on HBO, and “The People’s Fighters” with director Peter Berg. Jeff is passionate about documentary filmmaking because of its authentic search for the truth.

9. Jeff Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance & a Master’s Degree in Music Composition.

Jeff started taking piano lessons at the age of 5, and never stopped learning. Jeff received his Bachelor”s Degree in Piano Performance and Master”s Degree in Music Composition from Long Beach State University. Jeff then went on to get his degree in Film Scoring from UCLA.

10. Jeff Grew Up Surfing and Now Specializes in Waves of Sound.

Everyone loves Jeff”s passion for sound and work ethic. Jeff is known and respected in the business for his humble demeanor and creative skills. His Zen attitude and connection to nature were cultivated by surfing and spending most of his days in the ocean.

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