10 Things You Might Not Know About Tony Tambi

Tony Tambi was born on September 24th, 1978 in Enugu, Nigeria. The Actor, Writer, and Producer is known for his series “Consequences” and the character Chukwuemeka on “Bob Hearts Abishola”. Here are 10 things you might not know about Tony Tambi.

1. He’s more than just an Actor…he also created “Consequences”.

The series “Consequences”, is about a team of reformed internet scammers who restart their old business; this time targeting immoral people. Created and written by Tony, it’s screened at various festivals worldwide and is available to watch on various VOD platforms.

Watch Consequences Here

2. 6-year-old Tony…he wanted to act!

This 6 year-old Tony was born in Nigeria and grew up in Cameroon. At the young age of 6 years old, Tony watched the play “The Gods are not to blame”. He immediately knew he wanted to become an actor.

3. Fans love him on “Bob Hearts Abishola”.

Tony has developed quite the following playing Chukwuemeka, the goofy pharmacist on “Bob Hearts Abishola”. What was originally meant to be a one-episode appearance has developed into a multiple-season recurring role. The Chuck Lorre-produced sitcom is currently in its 3rd Season.

4. Tony has multiple degrees.

Tony has multiple degrees. The first was from the University of Buea in Cameroon. After moving to the US, Tony enrolled at Minnesota State University, Mankato in the Bachelor of Science Accounting program. After graduating with honors, Tony worked as an Accountant for 6 months, before packing his bags and moving to LA to follow his passion.

5. He gave up modeling to focus on his family.

When Tony first moved to Los Angeles, he soon was brought into the world of high fashion modeling. However after having children he soon realized that he didn’t have time to model, act and be a great dad. The modeling had to go.

6. His college work resume is diverse.

To help pay for tuition and make ends meet, Tony worked a variety of jobs and sometimes had 2 or 3 jobs at a time. He worked at a factory, in retail, food delivery, construction and as a caregiver. He was a door-to-door salesman, bookkeeper, call center rep, and even booked a couple of print modeling gigs.

7. Los Angeles is home for Tony…sort of.

This past November marks 18 years living in Los Angeles for Tony. That’s the longest he’s lived in any city. After spending 7 and 14 years respectively in Nigeria and Cameroon, this also marks the longest he’s lived in the same country.

8. He can act, direct and write…but he can’t sing.

As a kid, he was so bad that he got kicked out of his middle school choir and told never to come back. As an adult, his daughters get upset when he tries to sing to them. They call him 3 sentence singer…

9. He doesn’t watch or understand Baseball.

Or Cricket, Softball, Dog Pageants, Rugby, Golf, and (most) Reality Shows.

10. Hammer Time.

Tony was a huge MC Hammer fan growing up. He and his siblings were even called the Hammer Brothers by their peers. You can’t touch this.

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