3 Things You Might Not Know About Jay Menez.

Jay Menez was born June 4th in Vancouver, Canada. He is most notably known as a T.V. Host, best-selling Author, Actor, and Entrepreneur. Here are 3 things you might not know about Jay Menez.

  1. Jay Menez Produces and Hosts the Hit T.V. Show “Hollywood Real”.

Jay is no stranger to hard work and dedication. His T.V. Show “Hollywood Real” is in its 3rd Season. The show features Jay having in-depth conversations with the most fascinating people in entertainment and sports.

2. His book Spark is a Number 1 international bestseller.

Jay Menez’s book has received critical acclaim throughout the globe. The International Best Seller uncovers the 8 mental habits to master your inner game. It is considered the essential guide for success phycology.

3. Jay is a Highly Successful Former Wall Street Investment Banker.

Shortly after attending Law School at the University of Richmond, Jay worked at Westpark Capital. As an investment banker, he specialized in IPOs, private equity, and mergers & acquisitions. Jay eventually left his successful career on Wall Street to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Which he still does to this day as a producer, director, and actor. He also is an educator in crypto-assets and markets.

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