3 Things You Might Not Know About Jay Menez.

Jay Menez was born in Vancouver, Canada, and grew up in Virginia just outside of Washington DC. He is best known as a finance and entertainment media producer, best-selling author, and entrepreneur.

Here are 3 things you might not know about Jay Menez.

  1. Jay Menez Produces and Hosts the Hit T.V. Show “Hollywood Real”.

The show features bold conversations with the most fascinating people in entertainment and sports about life behind the scenes.

Hollywood Real is in its 3rd season and is distributed to 100+ online tv networks and 20+ podcast platforms, including Spotify, iHeart, Amazon, and Apple.

2. His Book Spark Is a #1 International Bestseller.

Jay Menez’s book has received global critical acclaim. The international bestseller uncovers the 8 mental habits to master your inner game. It’s considered an essential guide to understanding success psychology.

3. Jay is a Former Wall Street Investment Banker.

Shortly after attending law school, Jay was recruited into banking and promoted to VP Syndicate Manager. He later joined the Beverly Hills firm, Westpark Capital, as Managing Director of Investment Banking.

Jay specialized in public offerings, private placements, and mergers & acquisitions. He was a key figure on the underwriting teams that financed the internet IPO boom.

Jay eventually left his successful career in finance to pursue his passion for filmmaking. Soon he discovered his unique niche by combining financial acumen with entertainment and a media presence.

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