3 Things You Might Not Know About Jess Chin Fong.

Jessica Chin Fong was born on July 30th, 1979 in Glencove, New York. She is known as a marketing professional, with an energetic approach to life, who manages social accounts for a major global brand. Here are 3 things you might not know about Jessica Chin Fong.

1. She is a lifelong learner.

Jessica, who recently completed Yale School Of Management’s Digital Marketing program, continuously pursues self-expansion. This keeps her sharp and, most importantly, open. Her career has evolved from Graphic Artist to Social Media Strategy Manager, where she found her passion. However, she says that there’s still more learning to be done as her love for the industry keeps her hungry for more.

2. She has always loved photography and production.

She used to set up photoshoots as a child on the front porch of her family home using the disposable camera her parents gave her for Christmas. She’s now participated and organized countless photo and video shoots including low and high-budget productions as well as YouTube Live shows.

3. She is addicted to analytics and data.

Jessica’s passion for data-driven results and strategic planning are pretty apparent once you ask her about her work. Sprinklr and GRIN, her tools of choice when it comes to predicting audience behavior and managing partners. It takes a pretty savvy individual to incorporate analytics strategically and maximize ROI while staying on top of emerging trends, such as influencer marketing. She says that finding the balance between all those things is the key to success for brands big and small.

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