3 Things you might not know about Robin Randolph Photography.

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Robin Randolph Photography has been in business since 2012. You might know Robin’s photography is known for capturing the beauty of people and places around the world, specializing in portraits, events, and stock imagery, documenting one adventure at a time. Here are 3 things you might not know about Robin Randolph Photography.

  1. She worked for ESPN, the “Worldwide Leader in Sports”.

Robin has a keen interest in documenting people, stories, and life itself. And as a visual learner, photography always intrigued her. Even during the early days of the Canon Powershot and Kodak film cameras that you had to get printed at Costco…Robin essentially fell in love with photography when she moved across the country from Los Angeles, California to Bristol, Connecticut for her dream job at the ESPN Headquarters…aka the “Worldwide Leader in Sports”. Let’s be real…it was the first time this SoCal, LA valley girl saw “real snow”. Oh, and we can’t forget the colorful autumn leaves, that still leave Robin Randolph “FALLING” in love and speechless. It was at this eye-opening moment, in the year 2012, in which the true Northeast seasons inspired Robin to purchase her first DSLR camera. At the time, Robin was working crazy hours at ESPN as a Studio Production Assistant. Some shifts would be from 4 am to 1 pm and others would be from 4 pm to 1 am. Seriously. That’s live TV! Believe it or not, Robin Randolph’s first DSLR was a Nikon, recommended by one of her favorite ESPN anchors, whom she worked closely with, Don Bell!) Side-note: Robin now shoots with two Canon DSLRs, but that’s beside the point! Kudos and shoutout to Don for showing Robin that photography is something you must invest in as soon as you realize it’s your true passion!

2. Robin enjoys flying on airplanes and absolutely LOVES to travel!

Robin enjoys flying on airplanes and absolutely LOVES to travel! In fact, her wanderlust has inspired her photography throughout many places in the world. A few of her favorite spots she’s visited, traveled, and photographed are Nepal, Vietnam, Israel, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Guam, Brussels, Scotland, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. Whether it’s via GoPro, drone, or her Canon DSLRs…Robin will capture anything and everything that is of interest to her creative eye. Her travel destination list is still growing, so standby for those updates and photographs!

3. Robin is just as passionate about music as she is about her craft of photography and sports.

At 11 years old, Robin joined her school’s band in September of 2000 (yes, the year we feared the ‘millennium’). She wanted to be a Woodwind player and chose the Clarinet as her first instrument. Just a year later, she added the Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, and Flute to her repertoire so she could play in both the jazz band and the pit orchestra for all of the high school plays and musicals. Robin was a lead player in both the Wind and Jazz Ensembles up until she graduated high school in June 2007. She even recorded a CD during her junior year in high school to send out to colleges when she applied. (If you want a copy, she still has some in stock!) Robin knew that she wanted to continue music, and thus, she auditioned for the UCLA Marching and Varsity Bands, whereby she played Alto Saxophone throughout her college career. Go Bruins!

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