3 Things You Might Not Know About Sidney Smith.

Motivational Speaker Sidney Smith was born in Provo Utah on May 1st, 1983. You might know Sidney for being a Parathalee for Triathlons, Hunting, and Endurance Sports. Here are three things that you might not know about Sidney Smith.

1. He never ran a race before competing in the Ironman Triathlon as a double amputee.

The day he got out of the hospital, after losing his legs, Sidney immediately started training for the Iron Man. It was a 4-year journey to accomplish this grueling undertaking, and he was only the 4th person to do it.

2. Co-Founder for the Non-Profit Disabled Outdoorsman.

Sidney realized that he wanted to share his success, motivation, and passion. He co-founded the Non-Profit Disabled Outdoorsman to help people with depression through Outdoor activities.


3. He is a loving father of 4.

Sidney loves being a father to his boy and 3 girls. They are even starting to follow in his footsteps by running and outdoor activities.

For more information about Sidney Smith click the link below:





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