3 Things you might not know about Unity Phelan.

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Unity Phelan was born in Princeton, New Jersey on February 17th. She is known for being the youngest principal dancer with the New York City Ballet and also as a successful actress. Here are 3 things you might not know about Unity Phelan.

  1. She was in the movie John Wick.

The director of John Wick was working with the choreographer for the movie “John Wick Parapelum” when he was referred to Unity’s tremendous dancing abilities. She auditioned for the role of “Ballerina” and was immediately cast. The film has such a cult following that many fans have come to see Unity dance in person at the New York City Ballet.

2. She loves her dog “Pippin”

When Unity was 17 and walking downtown when she noticed a little puppy Cavalier King Charles in a pet store. She immediately fell in love and named the cutie “Pippin”, from the show Pippin, which she performed in Ghost Light Theater camp when she was younger. Pippin loves chasing squirrels in the park and snuggling on the couch. Pippin lives the good life and gets to come to the theater every day with his mom for rehearsals.

3. She is a workout fanatic.

Becoming the youngest lead in New York City Ballet is no easy feat. She is known for her determination and perseverance. So much that on top of dancing in a major production, she also works out for 6 plus hours a day in the studio and at the gym.

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