The Advantages of LoanBit

So, if you have been keeping up with our recent articles, you will know a bit about what LoanBit does, and what P2P lending is. But what does LoanBit do that really differentiates it from the competition, and makes it a better choice than going with a traditional lending method?

This article aims to take you on a journey through LoanBit and why it is the ultimate lending solution. The benefits for lenders, as well as borrowers will be discussed and by the end of it, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t invested in the LoanBit ICO already.

The Team

If you don’t know already, you will soon. I mentioned in the previous article that we will be producing a series of interviews to give you a deeper understanding of the team behind LoanBit. Keep an eye out, as the first interview, with CEO Misha Osaula, will be coming up on Saturday.

The team is a major part of any project, as these are the people that make it work and ensure it grows at a steady pace, whilst hitting objectives. As you will come to know (if you don’t already!), the team behind LoanBit is one that is filled with passion, for the lending market, innovation and the cryptocurrency market.

The Platform

Platform, user interface, ease of use, all these key aspects are areas where a project can falter, and where they have previously. So many great ideas have been forgotten simply because the audience could not make a connection with the platform they were using.

This is something the LoanBit team understands, and aims to implement wellness strategies that target the design and usability of their platform, in order to make it like second nature to those trying to get involved in either the investing or borrowing market.

Advantages for Borrowers

LoanBit understands how hard it is for those looking to borrow money in the traditional system, which is why LoanBit aims to make it’s platform as accessible as possible.

With a large pool of investors to source from, finding the right lender is easy, and at a lower interest rate than most traditional services.

LoanBit aims to be as transparent as possible, and has removed unnecessary commissions and the necessity of additional insurances that are normally attached to loans.

LoanBit also gets away with the forms and frivolous information gathering, and simply requires a small amount of information before someone can begin borrowing, and also offers the ability to make early repayments, something that you would normally incur fees for.

Advantages for Investors

LoanBit understands that it’s platform needs both borrowers and investors in order to function, so it aims to create a level playing field, offering investors a number of advantages for using the LoanBit platform.

LoanBit allows investors to pick and choose who they offer their investments to, allowing a level of personal involvement in your investment, as well as making it very easy to diversify your investment portfolio within the LaonBit platform.

Normally, it is difficult to become a lender. LoanBit removes that difficulty and allows almost anyone to get involved in the lending economy. This opens up the market, and allows both lenders and borrowers to find the right match.

A number of other advantages include no commission upon loan provision, and a higher level of profit when compared to a deposit.


So with this in mind, why wouldn’t you be invested in this upcoming revolutionary platform, which seeks to disrupt the lending market.

Need more information before investing? Feel free to reach out to us and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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