The Team Behind LoanBit — Aleksandr Gryaznykh, Co-Founder & CFO

Welcome to the second of our series of interviews with the team behind LoanBit. As we mentioned in our introduction to this series (which you can read here), second up is Aleksandr Gryaznykh, who is the Co-Founder and CFO.

In this interview we will discover a bit more about Aleksandr, his background in finance and what brought him to LoanBit and the world of cryptocurrency.

What is your main role at LoanBit?

I work with numbers and figures, so my role in LoanBit revolves around numbers and figures.

I conduct all calculations, cash records, cost analysis, financial planning etc. Everything that is connected with finances — is my area of expertise and thus what I focus on at LoanBit.

I also deal with some legal issues. I’m not a lawyer by education, but do have a background in law which assists with the project.

How did your journey with LoanBit begin? What led to your involvement with the project and why did you choose to get on board?

I have been lucky enough to know Misha for many years, however it had been some time since we had last seen each other, so we decided to reconnect. At first it was an ordinary meeting of two friends who had not seen each other for a long time — how are you, what are you doing, etc. Misha then proceeded to tell me about this exciting project that he was planning, called LoanBit. Then he asked me to help with the business plan and other calculations and wanted me to become part of the team.

Of course I agreed, as the project seemed very interesting and I could see how it could become a large disrupter in the industry. The next step was to really get stuck into the work, create a plan to ensure the project could flourish and take shape, with a consistent goal to benefit everyone who was involved, from those who invested in the ICO, to the borrowers and lenders utilising our platform.

What do you think is the most exciting and innovative aspect of LoanBit?

While LoanBit has a number of interesting and exciting features, for me the most exciting and innovative aspects are the safety fund and integrated exchange.

The safety fund gives investors more assurance. The investor understands that the platform is ready and will share the risks with him and is liable for unpaid loans. The platform verifies the borrower, checks loan applications and allows the application with minimum risk, as we understand that safety is a large concern for investors.

The second aspect is the internal exchange, with a competitive commission. I suppose it will be very convenient for investors and borrowers to work on the same platform, both with the exchange of funds or trading as well as lending and investing.

I understand you come from a finance and auditing background, what made you decide to get involved in the cryptocurrency world, was it an easy transition?

When I first started getting involved in cryptocurrency, it was quite difficult, however the auditor in me taught me to quickly break it down to it’s core elements, and learn from there. My auditing background really helped in this situation, as in that world, every day is different, from working in agriculture, to the next day in gas production or pharmaceuticals. This means you have to be very quick to adapt to the different markets, and must be able to quickly capture the essence of each business, its risks and processes.

Misha was also a big help in this, as he was already familiar with cryptocurrency, but it still took a large amount of independent research from myself.

Where do you see LoanBit in the next 6 months?

The next 6 months will be very intense and exciting for the team. We have a large responsibility to our investors and the community in beginning this project and we must endeavour to stick to what was promised in our road map. While this may be difficult, it is necessary to develop and implement a legal structure, open a physical office, hire talent and train them. I am confident that we can achieve these goals as well as produce a full ready to launch platform. Everyone in the team has to buckle down and hit their targets, to complete the project so that we can look back and be proud of ourselves both as individuals and professionals.

How popular has cryptocurrency become in your home country? Do you see it as the future of lending?

I am based in Ukraine, and at the moment it does not have a large amount of popularity and use as in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan and China, however it is starting to pick up pace, with articles and stories on national media and press.

There has also recently been a proposal to the Ukraine parliament to draft a bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, however this could take a while before happening.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what are your passions and hobbies?

As you now know, my name is Aleksandr Gryaznykh and I am 31 years old.

I am married and love travelling, fishing and anything that involves going out and exploring nature. I love reading, listening to music, chess and football.

Thanks for reading this interview, we hope it provided a bit of insight into Aleksandr’s world and the world of LoanBit.

The next interview will be with Anton Mitrokhin, Strategic Developer at LoanBit.

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