The Team Behind LoanBit — Introduction

So, if you’ve been keeping up with our recent articles, you should have a decent idea about what LoanBit is and what our goals are, but you might not know much about the team behind the company.

This article will form the first in a number of upcoming articles, whose aim is to put a name to the face and let you know a bit about the people behind LoanBit, why they chose to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry and what makes them passionate about changing the way that the lending and borrowing industry works.

The LoanBit team is comprised of four main members, led by the Co-Founder and CEO, Misha Osaula. The other founding members include Aleksandr Gryaznykh, Co-Founder & CFO, and Dmitriy Kotikov, Co-Founder & CTO. All three founding members come from differing backgrounds, allowing them to draw upon a plethora of experience to help grow LoanBit. The final member of the core team is Anton Mitrokhin, who heads up the organisations strategic development.

LoanBit also draws upon a wealth of knowledge from outside the organisation and had brought in a number of outstanding individuals to assist and advise the team, as they embark on their journey to establish LoanBit as the leading P2P lending platform.

The three main advisors include Steven Krohn, who will advise on generating traffic, social media, sales and online marketing. Max Zuev is also advising the team, and focuses on areas of cryptocurrency, mining and trading and is often seen in the community actively promoting the popularization of new technologies. Li XiangJun is a blockchain and fintech expert and brings with him a wealth of knowledge around these areas, which will be vital to the team.

So that is a brief introduction to the team. In the next month or so, a series of interviews will be posted with each of these members, diving into what makes them excited about LoanBit, their passions, and a background of who they are.

The first interview will be with the CEO of LoanBit, Misha Osaula.

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