The Team Behind LoanBit — Misha Osaula, Co-Founder & CEO

Welcome to the first of our series of interviews with the team behind LoanBit. As we mentioned in our introduction to this series (which you can read here), we will be kicking things off with Misha Osaula, Co-Founder and CEO of LoanBit.

In this interview we will discover Misha’s intentions behind this project, why he decided to take the journey into cryptocurrency, and what he thinks are the advantages of LoanBit in the lending and investment world.

What is your main role at LoanBit?

There is great responsibility placed on the founder of a company, as the future of that project can lay on his or her shoulders. For me, all my time is spent on the development of LoanBit, while keeping up to date with the world and what effect current affairs could have on the cryptocurrency market. It is my duty to make the right decisions, and take responsibility for their outcomes, as it is not just my life that is affected, it is the future of the project, and my team also.

You mention that you try to keep up to date as much as you can on the world of cryptocurrency, you have been involved in a number of online projects previously, what made you want to take the leap into the cryptocurrency world?

I first came to cryptocurrency in 2013, however it did not strike me at the time as a viable option, as it did not seem like something that I could become involved in, however in 2015, I begun to work with people who were also interested in cryptocurrency, this really inspired me and gave me the motivation to do my research and get a better understanding of what it was really about.

Since then I have been heavily involved and passionate about all things cryptocurrency.

You are a founding member of LoanBit, can you tell us a bit about how it all started? What gave you the idea for P2P lending and investing in the cryptocurrency market?

Actually, the idea didn’t come to my mind as such, I saw some examples of it being done previously and thought that there were areas that were lacking in these services, that I could solve.

In August 2016, I took a big interest in crypto lending, at the time there were only a few services working in that sphere and there was definitely still room for improvement and competition. I made sure I learned from these advantages and disadvantages, and that’s how LoanBit was formed, to aim to create the best lending service possible, for the benefit of the community.

With this, we were able to win a competition, which was organised by the platform Waves. This gave me the confidence to continue to pursue my goal and keep refining and improving LoanBit. The next step was to form an amazing team, who have continued to help improve and advise on the future of LoanBit.

LoanBit is a global project, and the first of it’s kind for me, however this will create the best outcome for the users of our platform.

What are your plans for the future of LoanBit? Can you tell us about the next 6 months and what it looks like in your head?

The next 6 months is very exciting for us, it starts off with our ICO, which is starting on November 13. The plans after this really depend on how the ICO goes, but we have confidence that it will all go to plan.

After the ICO, the work really starts, we begin by getting LoanBit tokens added to as many exchanges as possible, then we launch a Beta version of the platform for users to test and for us to get feedback and work on improving it. Then we aim to integrate an exchange into the platform, making it a one stop shop for lenders and investors.

After this, we will be opening our verification center, to make the process much simpler and easier for people looking to get verified. Next, we will focus on the creation of our mobile app.

As you can see, all of our plans focus around customer satisfaction and ease of use, as these are the two main barriers in the traditional lending market.

For more information on the future of LoanBit, I encourage you to check out our Whitepaper and website, which will be linked below.

What benefits do you feel are the primary reason why people should consider using LoanBit and investing in your upcoming ICO?

LoanBit is a platform that aims to develop the cryptocurrency market, with the hope of making is much more accessible for everyone.

Our main goal for the project is lending and investment and to create a viable alternative that rivals and eventually overtakes traditional methods, such as banks.

The fact that we will allow multi currency exchanges within the platform will open our potential market up dramatically, allowing the platform and the community to grow and develop over time.

Another great advantage that LoanBit will have is that the insurance fund will provide more opportunities for the platform and allow its investors a greater return.

LoanBit is a big project with a number of advantages both in functionality and in the generation of funds for it’s users. We hope that people can see this and decide to join us on our journey to create what will be a disrupter in the lending and investment industries.

So, we now know about your involvement with LoanBit, but I’d like to take this final question as a more personal one and let you tell your audience a little bit more about yourself.

Well, to be honest, LoanBit is really such a large part of my life and is a huge passion of mine at the moment, as I am to really make it the best that it can be.

But other than that, I am 28 years old and have been engaged in programming and website construction for over 6 years, with my primary working being done on online shops, corporate websites and e-currency exchanges. This set me up greatly to work on LoanBit.

I am now full on with studying the ins and outs of the blockchain and looking for it’s opportunities to improve LoanBit.

Thanks for reading this interview, we hope it provided a bit of insight into Misha’s world and the world of LoanBit.

The next interview will be with Aleksandr Gryaznykh, Co-Founder and CFO of LoanBit.

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