LoanBuddy Debuts Powerful New Enhancement at XYPN Live

Sep 26, 2018 · 2 min read

St. Louis — It brings us great pleasure to be writing this blog, as we release a powerful new version of LoanBuddy at XYPN Live a conference attended by over 700 Financial Planners. LoanBuddy was previously in the FinTech Competition in 2017 and now a year later has released its most comprehensive enhancement to date, led by a student loan repayment calculator.

We made a promise to all of our Founding Members with our roadmap and we are happy to say we delivered on that promise… and on time!

Our calculator was the #1 feature that was desired amongst our growing community of users and it was amazing to have so many Founding Members come by the booth and show off LoanBuddy to peers and discover the new features themselves on our touchscreen.

The LoanBuddy dashboard was completely overhauled with a new look and feel and its packed with widgets that deliver a snapshot of vital information regarding client debt… including the much talked about PSLF toggle and 501c3 organization verification.

Login at and for our “old” trial members, you can simply use your same account.

The enhancement has been built on top of technology that was originally developed to provide a quicker more effective way of delivering the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS file) information into something useable for a financial planner. LoanBuddy was the first to market technology of this kind to advisors for quick, accurate analysis of a client’s student loans based off the NSLDS file.

LoanBuddy empowers advisors with the tools to generate reports that make the student loan planning portion of a client plan, simple and easy to use. LoanBuddy technology enables the advisor to save precious time during the initial client meetings and calculating student loan projections.

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