A letter to You

Hello You,

My name is “Thank” and my surname is “You”, but you all know me as “Thank You”. I can be spoken in different languages, tones and expressions but my main meaning is to express appreciation. From young to old I am called just to connect a feeling to a thought to a human being. I love being me because I always want appreciation to be felt. From where I come from we enable people to connect and express themselves.

I’m sad because like on twitter(& maybe Facebook) I don’t feel mentioned enough. Even if i get mentioned its just “thanks” or “tyl or tgif”, iv’e been shortened to almost mean nothing at all. I exist for you to create a personal feel, it’s all about you appreciating someone or something. It’s taking 2 seconds out of your life to create a memory. It doesnt hurt to mention my name, I was one of the very few words you were taught when you were in nursery. I can be replaced by cards, gifts, money, long stories(like this one) but there is more meaning in acutally typing it out or saying it out loud. I’m sometimes forgotten about because life has gotten so busy apparently. I would rant no more but instead just say :

“ Thank you for reading this
Thank you for thinking about this
Thank you for saying thank you the next time
Thank you for being my friend by mentioning me
Thank you for just being You. ”

This is me appreciating me, how many times do you appreciate yourself to even consider appreciating others geninuely ??? People still matter, relationships still stand their ground, make them feel appreciated today by just saying Thank You.

Best regards,

Thank You