My Roomie got Married!

Roomieeee, it is done; you’re officially off the market! It was fun meeting you at MEST, learning how to code, doing all the girly stuff we could think of to stay sane. Putting on makeup and actually caring about what you wear all because you were my roomie. The big chop, and gradual hair growth journey was amazing. We never run out of things to do!I remember all the beautiful bride natural hairstyles you sent me. Adoring them and hoping that one day when it’s our turn we would do some! Helping me build with experience from planning your sister’s wedding and encouraging me to enjoy the stress now and chill later. Little did I know that my dearest Cheryl was going to join the “forever and ever I love you” train so soon. Being your roomate and getting to know more about you, your deep love for God, your passion for music and excitement over food made me know I had found a friend.

From hackathon victories, to hour of code sessions with girls to our late night chats to all the spring rolls and juice you brought me from home. Not forgetting all the snacks we smuggled at occasions and no matter how frustrated we were we kept each other strong to sail through MEST. God has been good. It didn’t take us a thousand years to get to know each other we just clicked. I remember you writing a happy birthday with gari on my bed 2 years ago, that was such a Gey Hey thing but a lovely thought that made me smile and knew I was loved. I was excited when Emmanuel asked me to plan a birthday surprise for you knowing you and how you like to have things planned it wasn’t the easiest task in the world but we made it happen. And I’m glad the end result of the love you both share can be evidently seen now.

With my crazy “lets do this” personality you always made it fun and real being together. You and Emmanuel getting married was the best news I received on my birthday. The excitement and joy I felt in my heart was just of thanskgiving to God for how far he had brought you two. My personal spell checker, blog proof reader, most importantly my sister I pray we never lose this friendship. I can only say love with all your heart and don’t stop smiling, keep having faith because God always does wonders. Only God and Emmanuel bring out that shining star in you. Keep being you and I look forward to more memories that would be created on your new journey. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Appiah! God bless your marriage and keep smiling!

Love you Cheryl Tetteh!!!


Your best roomie ever (self appointed no contender :-))

Photo credit : P.K. Opoku