Loanance Token is no longer just a DeFi token. We are now stepping into the Metaverse universe. We want to step into the Metaverse universe and become the Financial heart of the Metaverse ecosystem.

√ Loanance; directly connects the products and services of Bank, Insurance, Investment and Fund companies to its customers in the virtual world.

√ We want to step into the Metaverse universe and become the financial heart of the Metaverse ecosystem.

√ In this universe, we make room for Bank, Insurance, Investment and Fund companies. By purchasing virtual land, to the desired place;

∆ Virtual Headquarters,

∆ Virtual Branch,

∆ Virtual office,

∆ Establishing customer and call centers.

√ You can buy and rent them. He can earn income from them.

√ To provide payment with virtual store integration.



Loanance Token Pre-Sale Has Started.

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Loanance Token is a platform for the future of funding and insurance, built on the Binance Smart Chain. It enables new users and companies to grow and thrive by providing tools and services that save both time and resources.

  • Blockchain Strategy
  • ICO Marketing
  • Tokens and Smart Contract
  • Private Transactions
  • Global Payment
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Investment Services


Loanance Token will be released on the basis of BEP20 BSC (Binance Smart Chain) platform. Third-party service wallets, exchanges, etc. and provides easy-to-use integration.

Token Contract Address : 0xa764446591D1D0a3A1F0A4E569848037Eb9A8F6B



About Loanance

Loanance Token is among the strongest elements of the Blockchain technology ecosystem. ‘To increase the owner of digital assets with the technology this ecosystem offers us and to create a new formation with a key role at this point. To be a transparent and reliable power in the world.

With the Loanance Token distributed with a certain demand, users will experience the technology and have many advantages and assets with the Loanance Token they own.

Principles Loanance


Loanance Token will develop and integrate all of the products and services of Traditional Banking, Insurance and Investment Companies into this ecosystem, with a giant leap into the Crypto market.





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