What I want

The election is the time that every political party shares their vision of what New Zealand can become if they get to be in charge.

The problem is that each party has a few good ideas (some more than others) and we need to choose between the lesser of two (or 5) evils.

At the end of the election cycle I only want a few things:

An education system that works.

I measure this as a system that is not having schools strong arming parents in to “donations”

A system where our young people are getting the skills they need. It’s not about passing tests, it’s about having the skills employers need.

It’s about students learning skills, not setting the bar so that everyone can pass.

It’s about what is taught and how, it has been shown that different people learn in different ways. And it’s about getting help early for students that need help.

This will need more teachers, that will need more funding.

A health system that works.

This means people getting what they need faster, not gaming the waiting lists.

It’s easy to keep waiting lists down by not putting people on the list.

“How bad is your hip?”

“How bad is your cataract?”

“No, can’t put you on the list yet, come back in 6 months.”

But if you go private you get it done next week and likely by the same doctor.

The first step is to be honest about the size of the problem and that means real waiting lists, not a list of what can get done with the funds a DHB has.

It is also important that mental health is part of this, mental health is about quality of life and it kills people if not treated.

A welfare system that works.

This means that people on welfare get what they are entitled to with having to fight for every inch.

This needs a culture change at WINZ, being on welfare is not a crime.

Getting made redundant can happen to anyone, even politicians.

Getting sick can happen to anyone.

Nobody should need to bring in a advocate to get results.

Nobody should be made to feel like a failure when they go to get help.

What I don’t want

Tax cuts.

The things I want will cost millions if not billions, and that means taxpayers dollars.

Now is the time to invest in the future not give tax cuts.

More roads.

I don’t want more motorway projects.

Europe has shown that more motorways means more traffic issues in the long term.

Let’s become a world leader in public transport.

What do you want from the election?

I don’t want to tell you who to vote for, but I do want you to think about what you want and who can help make that happen.

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