Moving Mountains: A Call For HR Leaders To Lead

Andrew Osterday
Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer

Companies who put employees at the center of transformation will be the winners of the new economy

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Never has this maxim been more true than today. Companies big and small across all industries are experiencing a pace of disruption faster that at any point in history.

But change at big companies can feel like moving mountains. Even the best brands find it difficult to keep a consistent pace because change at that scale is daunting. Geographical, political, generational, and cultural silos form organically, increasing friction and complicating communication of any singular purpose. Employees have so much change coming at them it’s hard to know what’s worth their time.

The old way isn’t working any more. What worked for companies yesterday isn’t working today. The perfect plan nor the latest technology are enough to win in this fast-paced economy. Companies are urgently searching for new paths to growth and competitive advantage.

Local Industries’ belief is that the companies who focus on their people — their leaders, their managers, and their front-line employees — will win in this new economy. They’ll be able to move the mountains of change facing the titans of industry today.

Why? Because human beings are the key to change. Always have been. A strong human culture is like a healthy immune system — resilient to change, quick to adapt, change-ready.

Who uses that new digital tool that’s key to your transformation?

Who learns the new sales software promising more sales?

Who puts forth their best self after the company creates uncertainty with restructuring, downsizing, or acquisition?

Only when employees believe that the change is in their best interest can they create the “new normal”.

What if HR could lead this charge by focusing on a new path to growth — their people? Your employees can create the company’s future if they are confident in their own future.

This is why today it’s critical we shift our perspective of HR. Companies that are serious about competing must regard CHROs and Chief People Officers as more than partners, but decision makers. HR leaders are in the unique position to push companies into the future by recruiting and retaining the best talent the world has to offer.

It’s time to unleash HR as a true engine of growth. Because companies don’t move mountains, people do.

Change happens when we find new paths.

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Andrew is a founding partner and the Chief Creative Officer at Local Industries. His career spans both agency and client-side, crafting marketing solutions and digital experiences for some of the world’s most popular brands, such as Airbnb, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, Delta, Porsche, and Jack Daniels before moving to Coca-Cola’s Global group where he led Cannes award-winning digital creative for Coke Zero.

His work at Coca-Cola also included real-time social content and production for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, leading the world’s largest user-generated photo contest ever and crafting Coca-Cola’s employee engagement program spanning all 206 countries Coca-Cola serves.

Andrew is a pioneer of Change Marketing and a frequent mentor, writer, and speaker.

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The human side of business transformation. Your company is your people. We create consumer-grade marketing programs to put employees at the heart of change.

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