Likable Social Media

Do you struggle like I do to get through your timeline? I’m sure you do, it’s what we‘re all posting about.

Here’s a few types to make your social media more “likable.”

  1. Start listening more

Sounds crazy, but how often do you take a moment to, just listen. Likable people tend to be those who listen, it’s like that on social media, really.

2. Share exciting stuff, about other things

It seems vague, but really, why don’t you try celebrating someone, or something else. We know you well but help us to find joy in something else.

3. Have a conversation

The invitation to share a conversation sounds crazy, but people love conversations. Ask a question, point something out and ask for an opinion or respond to someone else’s post with something thoughtful.

If you want some more great tips, read Dave Kerpen’s Likable Social Media.

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