Proxy List of the Smart DNS Proxy: How to use it?

How to use a Smart DNS proxy list in an easy way?

Let us begin with what this Smart DNS proxy list is. You are very well aware of blocked websites in some countries. Well, these blocked websites are Geo-restricted websites and using a working proxy list, you can get access to them. Moreover, before you get to know about how it is used, you need to know how it works and what it really is.

Now to understand the DNS that is also called the Domain Name Server, imagine a book with people’s addresses. This DNS converts the numbers into IP addresses since the computer can only understand this language. The computers, basically access the domains of a website through the IP address so that you can go to the site. So, when we simply remember the website name and write in the URL section, the DNS comes out to convert it for the computer to understand the command.

If you feel that the Smart DNS free proxy list is something that the tech geniuses use, then you are mistaken. It is something that almost everyone uses in their day-to-day life. One of the primary purposes of the fast and free proxy list is to access the Geo-restricted content. Let us take an instance where a person sitting in London wants to access all the Netflix content of the USA as well. This individual would take the help of the free proxy list of USA.

The Smart DNS working proxy list does this by taking all the information of the person’s location and then taking it from another route through a different computer server that is set up by the fast and free proxy list service provider. The location of the server would be in the region that has allowed the access to the website that has been blocked for the actual location of that user. Now, with this, that person can access any content that is blocked for his or her region sitting physically at the same place.

Moreover, the best thing about using the Smart DNS proxy list is that when you are ready to use it, there would be no need to install third-party applications on the device you are about to use it on. All you would need to do is alter the DNS of the device so that it can connect with the proxy list server that is located in a particular location that you have selected. After this, you just need to sit back and enjoy the free browsing of content that was blocked for your location.

Is the Smart DNS free proxy list Easy to Use?

You have got the working proxy list ready with the Smart DNS from your provider, and you are waiting just to begin surfing like never before, now what? Well, you would need to configure the Smart DNS on your device at first before you can use it on the device of your choice. And if you are wondering if it is easy to set it up and use it, let us let you know that it is. Moreover, if you choose the best device for it, it would not only make your experience with it better, but you experience of setting it up better as well.

There are many devices just like the computer on which it is very easy to set up the Smart DNS proxy list. And it takes just a minute to do this. This is because you would just need to add in the new proxy list in the settings of your computer. And once you are done with this, you would then be able to access the content that has been restricted in your region.

Something that you must keep in your mind is that before you use the media devices, you must do a proper research on it since every step varies. Moreover, it has also been noted that due to the configuration of a device, some devices are better than the others. For instance, the Apple devices are much quicker to set up with a Smart DNS proxy list and are very compatible as well.

While some other devices take a little while longer to configure the settings and begin to use it. So, to make your search easier right now, here is a list of the Smart DNS Proxy List compatible devices. The list has the five best devices that are not only easy to configure but are also highly compatible as well:

· PS4

· Boxee Box

· Google TV

· Apple TV

· Panasonic VIERA SmartTV

Using the proxy list is simple, as much as setting it up is. Again, it is advised to do a proper research about the device you are about to set it up in so that there are not errors in the end. You can also take help from Local Proxies experts to choose the right device for using the free proxy list in USA.

But as per the experts in Local Proxies, we would like to share that fact that all the Apple devices are the best when it comes to using the Smart DNS proxy list on. This would not only give you the best experience, but would also be easy to install and configure it.

So, if you are looking for the reliable and affordable working proxy list, you have come to the right stop where you can get every type of Proxy server. You would also be able to Local Proxies would guide you at every step for the configuration. You can call up the customer care or use the live chat to connect with them easily and clear your issues.

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